Kollaborative Knock Out

Knockout Fingerless Gloves

I picked the absolute PERFECT DAY to photograph my new mitts!!
When I came up from the subway, it was snowing!

Knockout Fingerless Gloves

Knockout Fingerless Gloves

Snow and new mitts go hand-in-hand like….tea and new mitts, lol!
It was nice to wear them to stay warm outdoors and get cozy indoors.
In other words, perfection!

Knockout Fingerless Gloves

I have my friends at Kollabora to thank for the yarn and the kick in the ass to knit ;P They get my vote as most awesome online maker community. Not because they send me things, but because they reached out to me personally during hard times last year. And sent me virtual hugs, along with you all, when I really needed them.

They’ve also featured me in their Meet the Maker series! It’s always so hard to talk about yourself….until you get going and realize you’ve written almost a 1000 words in your sleep deprived mania. LOL I’d be embarrassed if I didn’t how awesome everyone on their team is. What can I say, they ask great questions ;p

Knockout Fingerless Gloves

Mitts :: Kollabora Knockout Fingerless Gloves
Scarf :: Claudia’s Scarf Pattern (a gift)
Hat :: All Day Beret
Coat :: Banana Republic
Jeans :: Old Navy
Boots :: Target

Knockout Fingerless Gloves

I finished a new knit dress.
And I still have two skirts I haven’t shown you all yet.
And I have awards to thank people for.

I’ll be around a lot, it seems.

Stay warm!


8 thoughts on “Kollaborative Knock Out

  1. Fantastic mitts — I LOVE the chunky yarn — and they look awesome with your orange coat! I also enjoyed reading your Meet the Maker profile — very nicely said. 🙂

  2. these colors are wonderful. they must be so cheerful on a day when you have to go out into the snow…enough to make it worth it, even! i love them on you, and i love those huge hoop earrings.

  3. Ahhh! Your Kollabora interview is awesome! Such a great read! I have to again say how much I LOVE that orange coat on you– so stylish! Oh, and The Big Lebowski is one of my favorite movies, too– it’s just so strange and hilarious. 😀

  4. The blue and the orange!! Sigh! I die! My favorite complimentary color combo! You’ve really been kicking ass with your colors lately, my friend! And your cute new mitts, and general cozy look has me really missing cold weather – for like a second!

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