Game Day Wears

What I Wore :: 1.12.13

What I Wore :: 1.12.13

What I Wore :: 1.12.13

What I Wore :: 1.12.13

What I Wore :: 1.12.13

Mossimo Coat :: Thrifted from Domsey’s ($12)
Crocheted Scarf :: Handmade Gift
Jones of NY Cardigan :: Domsey’s ($6.39)
Michael Kors Tunic :: Domsey’s ($6.39)
H&M Pants :: Circa 2010
De Blossom Boots :: Amazon (DEAD comfy!!)

These boots might make me waver on my cheap shoe assertions from a couple days ago. These were only $40, are not real leather and the COMFIEST heels I’ve ever worn. In my life. I’m so glad I didn’t stick to my “no brown shoes” rule!! I have Pinterest to thank for swaying me from that opinion. I’ll be really sad when they reach the end of their cheap shoe shelf life. Hell, I’m tempted to get a couple pairs and store them for when that time arrives. I’m being completely serious.

I had a pretty great day. I got to see the inside of the new Barclays Center. For free. I took the kiddies and my teenage cousin to a college basketball game, there. It wasn’t the greatest. But, the weather was nice, we were out doing something and (luckily for me) I was with the five easiest to please young people in Brooklyn.

Bonus: I squeezed in a visit to my grandmother AND I found the perfect storm of location, lighting (nearly the best, this sweater is much brighter) and camera settings for indoor photos. Not a match for outdoor ones, but certainly better than some previous attempts!

I hope you all enjoyed your Saturday


5 thoughts on “Game Day Wears

  1. I am also completely in LOVE with the white tunic. And the bright sweater. And the shoes! Fingers crossed there’s a decent shelf life on them. They sure don’t look like $40 shoes!

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