Do Not Adjust Your Screens

This cardigan IS this bright.

Do Not Adjust Your Screens
Do Not Adjust Your Screens

  Jones of New York Cardigan :: Thrifted from Domsey’s
Due Per Due Silk Umbrella Lady Print Blouse :: Domsey’s
The Janice Skirt :: Handmade
Tights :: Forever21 (??)
Boots :: NEW Anne Klein
That little comb you sometimes see in my hair was my maternal great grandmother’s

Do Not Adjust Your Screens

Can I just say, real (actual GOOD) boots are heavy!! I think I’ve been wearing cheap shoes for too long, lol. It was soooooo hard to spend the money on one, nice (actually GOOD) pair, rather than three kinda shitty ones.

Work was great today. Again. I really, really like my fellow interns! We had so many diverse things to talk about.

We had local (and some not-so-local) librarians/library professionals visit the space we’ll be working in. I ran into two women who interviewed me previously. One from the internship I was hired for last fall, but ultimately couldn’t take and the woman from this one I told you guys about. What are the odds?!?! The latter is actually friends with my supervisor. It’s a small, librarianship, world! Imagine how awkward it would have been if I’d had BAD interviews with them, lol.

I’m headed to bed. I’ve been nursing a background throbbing type of headache (really migraine) for a couple of days now. Nothing I’ve taken has worked.

I hope to wake up pain free tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Do Not Adjust Your Screens

  1. I love the cardigan, but the boots even more. I have my eyes set on a pair from Frye. If I can just keep from spending on fabric for a few months I can afford the hefty price tag.

  2. Oof!! I really hope you don’t go full on migraine!! Those are the worst!! I love the bright color on you, it’s fun how much it pops with the black – and I totally hear you on the good shoe front! It’s so hard to plunk down the extra cash for a nice pair, but good shoes CAN last forever! Find yourself a nice little shoe repair place now and you and your new boots will have a long and happy life together!!
    I’m so happy for you that you are pursuing a career that makes you so happy! Keep us updated! I’m so curious about the world of librarians!

  3. Oh, this looks so good on you! I love that color! And I’m so glad your internship is going so well! That’s great news!

    I really need to buy a better pair of boots. I’ve been buying cheaper pairs (not Payless cheap, but not really nice), thinking I can just get them resoled and have them forever, but the stitching rips out and my shoe repair guy can’t fix them. I think it’s time to upgrade and stop throwing away a beat-up pair of boots every year!

  4. I’ve found that craniosacral has really helped my headaches- it’s akin to super light massage & helps move cerebrospinal fluid. The woman I see gives each of her clients two tennis balls for home headache help. Put them in a sock & tightly knot it closed. Roll it in a towel so it’s not as hard & lay down with the balls on either side of your spine, just under your skull. You want there to be some pressure on the bottom of your skull. Lay like that for 5-10min, but no more than 15min. I know this sounds weird, but it’s really helped me.

  5. Ya know, I had the same revelation myself after splurging on a pair of really good boots – they are so comfy, so well made and they look soo much better than the cheap boots they replaced!

    Love that you are loving your new job; hate that your head hurts.

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