Firsts and Dares

First day on the job, thumbs WAY up!!

Super groovy space, super groovy co-workers and supervisors, SUPER long day!

I wore ALL handmade/thrifted today! Imagine a photo of me wearing my Meringue skirt (but snugger than when you saw it last #winterpadding) with this pretty thrifted caaaaaashmere sweater, and this one while outdoors (I like layers), this handmade scarf and a black coat with asymmetrical zip that I have yet to photograph ;o)

Today is also, apparently, the day for DARES!

Well, this kind, anyway!

Sewing Dares

I accepted a challenge yesterday and have just finished taking over the sewing corner of flickr (see, exhausted) TWITTER with some kick ass ladies

Screen Shot 2013-01-07 at 11.20.06 PM

I have been dared to sew something that one of my kiddies has drawn. I have, tentatively, decided to sew one of Missy’s superheroine dresses!

Stay tuned for pants trouser leg thingies shenanigans AND those of the super powered variety! Clearly, I shouldn’t become engaged in sewing peer pressure, or tweeter convos, whilst tired.


11 thoughts on “Firsts and Dares

  1. this sounds awesome! I have been dared to sew something practical for work, like the portrait blouse from gerties book! 😛 But would love to make a superhero outfit! 😛

  2. Love it! I can’t wait to see what you make. I made a dress inspired by one of my student’s drawings a while back. It was one of the most fun projects ever. I actually have some new drawings I was going to post on le blog here soon. I have another idea for a kid artwork inspired dress in the future.

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