Pants…Trousers…Leg Coverings!

I have made 4 skirts in the last week. And it’s been approximately 30 degrees here for the same amount of time. So, I’ve had pants on my mind. I headed over to Pinterest to see what there was to see and I stumbled across this image that has had me laughing for DAYS! Lol!

You’re welcome!!

Anyway ;o)

Onto my pants trousers leg coverings muslin!
Pants: Part Une

Pants: Part Une

Pants: Part Une

Not too bad! Amirite?!

Check out that plaid matching! WOOT!

A few days ago, I traced a pair of H&M pants that fit me pretty well and the above pics show the result. I probably couldn’t do up that last bit of seam (where I’m holding them together), but this is a pretty close fit for the slapdash method I used.
So, last night, after being completely inspired by (and jealous of) Sunni’s pants, I traced a similar pattern, #108, from Burda Style Mag’s August 2010 issue.


This is an old Burda pattern sheet, not the new ones that give you vertigo.

Leg Coverings

I traced the largest size and initially thought that was going to be big enough. Then I overlapped the Burda pattern with the one I traced from my H&M pants. Not too much difference….


This also highlighted how off (WAY OFF) my grainline was. The back, which I haven’t photographed, is worse and is actually smaller than the slapdash traced pattern in the thigh area.

There is also the potential need for a full seat adjustment along with my sway back correction. I’ve never attempted the former and have only done the latter on straight skirts. Cidell has tackled these issues with pants, shorts and skirts several times, but my fitting book (Fit For Real People) doesn’t go into great detail on the first adjustment.

I also have this book for reference. It has good construction info, but not fit adjustment advice. I’m going to retrace and adjust the pattern pieces after I make dinner. I think I’d like the waistband pieces to be slighter wider as well.

I’ll leave you with a little nugget in the meantime.

A gift from my friends at CourseHorse!

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I LOVE discounts!

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Let me know if you do anything fun! I’ll be back soon with pants trousers my leg covering doodads soon!


9 thoughts on “Pants…Trousers…Leg Coverings!

  1. Hahahahaha…that’s awesome. 🙂 I first learned about the US/English “pants” difference when I asked my British friend’s five year old cousin if he liked the “new pants” I’d just bought (at H&M, actually!) and he gave me a REALLY funny look, then ran away. Poor kid! Anyway, looking forward to seeing your new pants (and by pants I mean US pants).

  2. I know that’s just a muslin, but I’m strangely digging the plaid. I was pleasantly surprised by the fit of the shorts I made from a Burda pattern. I’ve always heard Burda’s trouser block is better than any other pattern company out there. Good luck with your pants making (of the trouser variety). And thanks for the pregnancy well wishes. All those things I’ve heard mothers go on and on about before- now I understand 😉

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