Grandma’s Presence

My grandma was with me at the start of the year.
In spirit.
I used her dishes to prepare of New Years Day breakfast of pancakes and tea.
And I talked about her with my children.

Grandma's Presence

Grandma's Presence

I was still awake, sewing or contemplating sewing, when they woke up on January 1st. Bleary eyed from having stayed up so late the night before. Even during school breaks, they have a bedtime. It’s just a little bit later than usual. They’re kids that need a lot of sleep or they go all loopy and then droopy.

And, also,

I like the quiet at night.

Too much to let them run amok.
Even when there is no school.


15 thoughts on “Grandma’s Presence

  1. What a special breakfast – making memories with your children. Food and cooking makes for strong bonds with moms and grandmoms, and in my case ganddads too. It is such a joy to cook with my daughter like I did with my mom and grandparents when they were all still with us. Happy New Year

  2. Mine have a bedtime, too, even during summer (not the 16 year-old though). I LOVE the quiet at night but am usually unable to stay up much later than them to enjoy it!

  3. Love this post. It’s amazing how many different connections you have to your grandma and how many ways you honor her memory and keep it alive day to day.

    And– hells yeah, SEND THOSE KIDS TO BED! You need your creative night time!

    • Thanks, Sonja! I miss her SOOOOO much it makes me weepy. But this was a nice way to think of her and share her with the kids that didn’t make me sad.

      And you’re right on the hells yeah, send them to bed sentiment! lol

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