Oh, Hey 2013!

Friends, I don’t know what’s come over me. I have been sewing nearly non stop!
I have, as of writing this at 12/31/12 at 5pm:

4 projects to show you

3 projects traced, I have become a pattern adapting fiend since the Janice skirt success!

And enough to keep me busy right into next year!



It’s 6:56am on 1/1/13 and I haven’t been to sleep yet! I got a bee in my bonnet (what a lame ass expression, forget I used it) that wouldn’t allow me to be satisfied with the two (TWO) projects I finished today. Well, one with minutes to spare before midnight and the second (was finished after breaking a serger needle, for the first time ever, and finding my manual and supplies and changing the needle so fucking fast it was like I was in a pit crew at the race track!) shortly after. I HAD TO trace off a pair of pants to make a pattern. And then I HAD TO cut out and quickly stitch together a muslin.

It wasn’t too bad, either!


So, it’s safe to bet that in 2013 I’ll be following this advice!


I won’t waste my time, and yours, with a long lofty list of goals for the new year. I’m not even going to look back at last years list because, surprise, it will likely contain many of the same things I’d add now.


Spending more wisely (this is a serious problem) and applying the money saved to eliminate debt.
Take time to visit more of NYC’s great cultural institutions with my children and continue to support their education and artistic interests.
I’d like to make yoga weekly and involve the kiddies in more at home fitness.
Support my husband’s career goals (he had a New Year’s Eve DJ gig!!!) and continue to foster our relationship.
Keep the bond with my sister strong as we move into this new (without our grandparents) phase of our lives.
Continue making career strides, submit at least two academic journal proposals, join a few professional organizations and attend at least one (local) conference.
There will be no grand sewing plans (notice my lack of completed Fall Sewing Scheme projects ). More sewing down my stash, I’ve made a nice little dent this past week.
And I’d love to blog about it all!

I want to read and write and play and laugh!

And get through being sad and moody and scared and intimidated!

And remember that:

So I need to


Remember that

And that Pinterest has an inspirational quote to fit every occasion 😀

HAPPY 2013!


9 thoughts on “Oh, Hey 2013!

  1. nettie, what a gorgeous and thoughtful post! i completely love your determination to “keep working on” resolutions instead of setting new ones…i can learn a lot from that and adapt them accordingly! i hope you have a wonderful 2013 and i look forward to following it here…

    • Thanks, Devra! I think resolutions and me are a no go. As soon as I think of them that way, out the window they go! I’m all about working on things in 2013 and beyond! Thanks for reading and commenting!

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