Sew-Along Success!!

Sew Along Success!!

OK. I really felt like I hit the mother load with that vintage pattern haul I posted a while back. I loved that Taran and I had bought ours on the same freaking day and I loved that Vicki had it, too! Well, when I jumped at the chance to sew-along with them, I hadn’t taken Simplicity 8498 out of its envelope. When I did, I was reminded that the previous owner was a working seamstress and sewing instructor. This meant that the pattern was sliced, diced and altered to within an inch of its fragile tissue paper life.

Do I go with the mods? Or, with the aid of A LOT of tape, try to stick the thing back together? Laziness won out. I kept the pieces as is, wished for the best and cut it out of this olive colored wool I’ve had for ages and didn’t mind wasting. And there it sat. Until I saw Taran’s gorgeous version!! If I wasn’t going to go balls out and make a floor length masterpiece the least I could do is finish on time!!

Sew Along Success!!

How was I to know that a sewing MIRACLE would await me! The previous owner must have been shaped EXACTLY like me!! I have never had bust darts fall so perfectly right out of the gate! Nor have I had a pattern go together with such ease. The only trouble I had was with the facings (which look like hell in comparison to the pro job done on the rest of the garment) and it turns out that I used the wrong pattern pieces, lol. She, my Sewing Fairy Godmother, had made her version with sleeves. I didn’t think that was wise to do with wool, but I sooo have plans for a cotton sateen version of this.

I mean, seriously, LOOK at this dart placement and fit!!

Sew Along Success!!

She had added about an half inch of ease at the bust and slashed and spread the back. I don’t think the original width stood a chance of going over my hips.

Sew Along Success!!

I left off the back darts. My Sewing Fairy Godmother had crossed them out on the pattern so I decided to follow her wisdom.

Sew Along Success!!

That’s a damn good fit for someone with a serious sway back. If had put on a slip here, the fabric wouldn’t be sitting on my tush like that, lol. I think the cotton version might need them. It doesn’t have the same drape as this wool suiting.

Sew Along Success!!

I catch stitched the hem. I’m so glad I did. I love how invisible, but sturdy, it is. After trying it with lots of things, I paired it with a Lydia top (because it’s wool and I’d like to avoid dry cleaning for as long as possible) and dark ribbed tights.


Overall, a massively enjoyable sewing experience!! I was so inspired by my success, I spent the rest of that night and the next day (yesterday) sewing!! The fit was not a fluke, people! Stay tuned for Sewing Fairy Godmother miracle fit #2 and a self drafted success story!


14 thoughts on “Sew-Along Success!!

  1. You look fabulous in this! And as I was reading along I was hoping that you would say that you were making it again…so I’m now waiting with baited breathe to see version #2! Happy New Year!

  2. Zomg that’s crazy! And what a total jackpot for you! It looks great… And maybe just a *teensy* bit more versatile than my formal version. I totally want to make a casual version now. Except I have about a million other shift dress patterns I should try…

  3. you know what? i was SO hoping she was shaped like us in the derriere…now i have to crack some envelopes open…serendipitous, baby. you ought to go back and get those self drafted patterns!

    • Thank you!! You know, this is a pattern I could see sitting in the stash for a while (maybe forever) if not for this little sew-along. Lucky me that I had a reason to break it out!

  4. Madame, I don’t know how you’ve been getting so much done this Christmas. I only have one kid at home with me (which seems like a vacation compared to two), and I still haven’t finished my 8498. Or the Xmas present for my man……

    It looks great as a jumper; I never would have thought about using wool, but it works. Those pattern mods were lucky! Turns out that my copy was missing the instructions, so there were some guesses and seam ripping involved. My Mom arrives in about an hour, so I’ll get her to help me with the hemming and
    I’ll post tomorrow!

    • I got so much done because, other than making meals, I put EVERYTHING else on hold! It was wonderful!! But it’s hard adjusting to school and routine, again.

  5. Thanks for all you SW posts this year; it was great following the many wonderful, inspiring, talented sewists, including you. Best wishes for a bountiful 2013.

  6. It is sheer perfection, and how marvelous that all of the pattern adjustments fit you exactly!! That pattern was totally meant to be yours 😉

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