Art Biz

Today was the last day of art class for my oldest two. The presentations this term were really good. We have a few new, cool things to display in our home, now!

Missy’s superhero, Scorpia, was a BIG hit! Another parent there really, really liked the work she was featured in. She took the time to find out who created her and came over to tell my daughter that she really enjoyed it and what a great job she’d done. You cannot beat that kind of unsolicited praise! I’m sooooo glad we didn’t miss it. We went to her brother’s class, in another building, first. The woman actually rode up on the elevator with us when we went to view Missy’s things. I seriously got a little teary, lol. She really needs positive reinforcement from people she’s not related to. You know?



This bird display was so cool! I love how my son’s teachers hung clouds between them. Their displays were particularly creative. Here are a few snaps of his bird.IMG_2515


I took some time out to snap a few photos of the refashion I did last night. It was a perfect way to exercise my sewing muscles. Which, apparently, needed a stretch. I have never had so many problems with such a simple project before!



I like how it, eventually, turned out. But, I think I might have to give this to Missy. The sleeves are too tight for comfort. She is the perfect size for it. In fact, I popped into Domsey’s yesterday and found a leather jacket from Express in great condition for only $7.39. It was a touch too small for me, so I got it for her instead. Pre-teen’s first leather!

Anyway, I sewed down that floppy collar, hacked it to waist length, cut a strip for a peplum sort of deal and added an extra bit of width to it for the pleat detail. Not too shabby for a sweater I rescued from the trash on dorm move out day!


8 thoughts on “Art Biz

  1. Your kiddos’ art projects are seriously cool! I’m so glad that someone else took the time to compliment your daughter– she must’ve really loved that! We all love to know that people think our work is cool– I’m not saying that’s WHY we have blogs, but… 😉

  2. I love your kids’ art projects! Very, very cool. I also love that that woman took time to let your daughter know she enjoyed her work. That must have felt so wonderful for her! Your sweater looks great, too….the peplum is awesome.

  3. what cool art projects!! love the name for the super hero and the colours on the bird. that was lovely of the women to track your daughter down too! well done to them both!

  4. Wow! Those are amazing projects! And they make me wish that a “real” art teacher taught my class – I just don’t know how to come up with amazing projects like that! Inspiring, for sure. Good luck with your #SewingDare!

    • Thanks, Gillian! This was an extra curricular class, but their in school teachers are pretty awesome, too! Thinking about this dare will be a great distraction through my first day at a new position, tomorrow. Thanks!

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