Just a Little Bit Sixties

While bragging all over the interwebs sharing my pattern haul news with the sewing masses, Tanit-Isis realized that we had bought the SAME pattern on the SAME day!

Simplicity 8598

Sewing twinsies!! She knew that darling Sewing Scientist Vicki had the same pattern, too. She hatched a brilliant plan. We’d all sew it up…together! I feel like one of the cool kids being asked to take part!

Please don’t think that this is like one of those sew-alongs popping up all over the blogisphere. I really admire, and respect, the effort that goes into creating buttons, and taking all of those gorgeously detailed step-by-step photos, responding to questions and rounding everyone up for a virtual group photo at the end. It’s amazing. But, as Vicki pointed out when she sent a red alert email to Taran and I checking that this was not what we had in mind:


What we DO have time for:
Sewing with a great vintage pattern.
Doing it up in photos when we’re finished.
And a linky party for anyone who happens to sew-along with us.

Oh, and emailing each other to commiserate on the sudden popularity of the reprint of this pattern which was done fanbloomingtastically by Tempest Devyne only this week!https://i1.wp.com/images.patternreview.com/sewing/patterns/simplicity/3833/3833.jpg

She, and approximately eleventy billion other seamstresses, beat us to the punch! And here we were feeling really smug about our “original” idea ;p Whatever! We are not deterred! I’m at the point where I feel like if I don’t make SOMETHING I will explode!

I’ve decided that the making of this dress will be a celebration! A celebration of making it through the longest semester of my life (this includes going to class while being pregnant with twins AND taking care of two other children). A celebration of making it to the close of another year, after all the hardships I’ve faced during this one. A celebration of doing a big part to raise funds for my daughter’s school. A celebration of keeping myself and my family happy and sane for another year.

I have a lot to celebrate and I plan to do it in style. And with two smoking hot, Canadian Sewing Scientists! Join us if you dare!

Because I’m so helpful I’ve done a very strenuous search on etsy for the original 60s pattern. These sellers all have copies! Go on and buy one! You know you want to!

And come back here soon for deadline details and to let us know that you want to sew-along with us!


9 thoughts on “Just a Little Bit Sixties

  1. So. I was totally going to post about how awesome it is that you are all making this great pattern, and I’m excited to see your versions, etc etc etc

    AND THEN I SAW THAT IT WAS SNOWING ON YOUR PAGE. I completely lost all coherent thought and dissolved into giggles.

  2. I love this. You guys are totally original in my book. And funny. You should do a photoshop montage of the 3 of you posing like the 60s pattern envelope.

    And I just thought that I had some fuzz on my computer but it’s snowing!

  3. How exciting, can’t wait to see everyones different versions and what a fantastic idea. If you do it again next year I’m in.

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