Limping, Crawling, Dragging Over the Line

I am limping, crawling, dragging myself over the blog-every-damn-day-in-November finish line, people. Since I’ve got NOTHING I will talk a bit about back in the saddle sewing. Care to join me?

I have a deadline to meet before they boot me off of the Refashion Coop site. I think it’s time to make some sweater hats since the weather here in NYC decided to be seasonally appropriate (read – COLD). My children are losing hats and scarves at an alarming rate. I need to get some supplies in reserve. STAT!

I want to sew. Really, I do. But, this weather won’t allow for any of the fun things I have in mind or outdoor photos. I’d like to use the cool heart print fabric I got when Maddie was in town to give this pattern a whirl.

Simplicity 4676

But, I’m thinking making darts in challis might not be the best idea for light and carefree sewing…

Thanks to Sonja what I really, REALLY want to make is this top!

But, I’m on a pattern diet. That I’m having a hard enough time sticking to. Between freecycle, craigslist and ebay I am in serious trouble. Serious. This week alone, I’m picking up a Super 8 projector and screen (for an after school program idea at Missy’s school. I have cameras from my film school days) from a LinkedIn contact, of all places and am trying to set up a time to view an estate sale that might have good vintage clothes and linens up for grabs.

I can sniff out free or cheap stuff anywhere. Just call me the bargain bloodhound! Lol. That reference should give you some idea of how tired I am. I become increasingly ridiculous when I’m sleepy ;D

Nite, nite!


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