Black & Vintage

I have been so inspired by vintage fashion and imagery, lately. More than I ever thought I would be. Between my recent pattern haul, and my near addiction to vintage fashion blogs, I feel like vintage is all around me. But, like anything that one becomes interest in, you start to notice trends and patterns in what you’re absorbing. I had become increasingly aware of the dearth of black & vintage imagery in my diet. I knew that the material was out there. I had come across this flickr account, the Of Another Fashion movement and some fantastic stuff while browsing Pinterest.

But, shouldn’t there be more? Blacks were around during the entire history of the United States. Where were the images that represent that reality? I have seen enough images from slavery, and other important historical times like the civil rights movement, to last a lifetime. I’ve seen Lena Horne, Dorothy Dandridge and Josephine Baker dressed to the nines in any number of publicity stills. But where are the images of the average, stylish black people over the years? Where are we dressed in the styles we see in vintage pattern images? Well, I’ve been lucky enough to find more sources, lately. I’d LOVE to find a blog, or thirty, so if any of you know of one, shout it out in the comments!!

In the meantime, here are some of my current favorites!

It makes me SO happy to see people who look like me wearing the styles that I have come to enjoy!! You can visit this Pinterest board for more!


18 thoughts on “Black & Vintage

  1. Thanks for this! I love to see the way real people wore clothes “back then” because it’s a hint for styling today.. Those girls at the races (the fair?) with their blazers and trousers- that’s so cute! And are those pockets on the swimsuit? Nice. I’m thinking the cream sweater on the guy on the left in the second photo is a short nap mohair…Is that likely for the time? Looks cozy.

  2. I love old photos, especially the less-posed ones that show people as they really were. Somehow, these seem more ‘modern’, no matter what the era and the fashion!

    Thanks for curating these!

  3. New Vintage Lady looks for images like these, I know. It is great to see other sides of history. My kids were given some Dick & Jane reprints that include a black family very nicely depicted in squeaky-clean early 60s styles, but I’m not sure if that’s authentic or just a very good modern imitation.

    Love your images… Off to check out the Pinterest board. 😀

  4. Seriously drooling over here… what great images! The single girl in the swimsuit– I WANT that. What an adorable suit! And the two seated men are so stylish– I would love to see men dressed like that today!

  5. Great post! I definitely agree with you — most of the vintage imagery that I’ve seen has been mostly white people, and very few minorities are represented.

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