I’m thankful for so much today. The lead up to it was a bit stressful. The usual things like worrying over making enough food and cleaning the house to company worthiness were there. But, there was also this underlying worry, I think we all felt it, that it would be too sad without my grandparents. That being here, all together, would just serve to highlight their absence. That sharing the standard stories just wouldn’t be the same without them. That it would be too sad to omit that loving step of packing their to-go plates at the end of the night. Too sad to know that we will never share the same space with them, again.

But, it didn’t happen like that. We laughed. We ate (AND ATE). We shared those stories. And we made new ones. And I did manage to find a prominent spot for that picture I mentioned.

And we felt their presence. Just a bit.
I hope you all had a happy day. Food filled or otherwise.


4 thoughts on “Thankful

    • I think we were all really relieved.

      I asked my uncles and aunts if she made this dress and they said that she did! It’s really similar to one of the patterns I bought. I’m going to try to find it when I look for her old sewing patterns.

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