Grandma & Grannies

Today was easier than I expected.
I am so grateful.
I was inspired to pull these out as I sat thinking of her.
She taught me to crochet a zillion years ago.

I haven’t added to these in a while. I’m still feeling the crochet call.
So, soon, there will be more.
Will I ever make a grand blanket like my grandma?
I don’t know, but I will enjoy thinking of her with each square that I add.


10 thoughts on “Grandma & Grannies

    • You do love a bright color and a good patter, Oona ;p

      The anticipation almost ended me. I was so worked up Friday night I think I was worrying my husband. I feel a sense of calm, now.

  1. A cozy blanket is always a great reminder of hugs and love from someone you miss. I have a quilt my friend Claire pieced together and I am reminded of her every day – it’s wonderful.

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