Give a F*CK Quilt

My friend, Chawne, has the kind of talent that makes you want to put down your needles and hook, step away from the sewing machine and sit down and watch her work. She has the ability to express her inner self via craft like the much admired Frida Kahlo. Scrolling through her project photos gives you an intimate sense of who she is while simultaneously informing you that there is much she holds close to her chest.

I admire that, admire her, SO much. Her ability to make beautiful things that are bursting with meaning. But, sometimes, her blog readers want to censor that meaning. They bristle at the use of words like cunt, fuck, mother fucker, shit, tits and piss.

Chawne received one of her divine inspirations in response to those critics: a Fuck You to those who would limit the ways in which we express ourselves. The project, a community quilt, would require assistance from her crafty circle.

The mission: submit a FUCK block with the requested dimensions. Let your creativity FLY otherwise.

Many of us accepted the mission.

Here are the stunning results!

Give a F*ck: all done
Photo is Chawne’s

This helpful chart details all of the people who made this quilt possible.
Give a F*ck: the block donors

That Chawne is soooo thoughtful.


12 thoughts on “Give a F*CK Quilt

  1. I just came from a blog that showed Luke Haynes’s quilts, which I found impressive, so I love that I’ve came across another cool quilt here! What a powerful message.

  2. Way to go! I love people that do not back down under pressure but instead respond in clever and creative ways, turning a negative situation into one that brings together a community and brings something positive into the world, rather than all the useless shit-talking and negativity.

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