Out and About

In a fit of madness or inspiration, I don’t know which,  I decided to wash, blow and flat iron my hair last night. I ended up with several poofy pin curls in honor of my granny.

Pin Curls

 This is a laughable attempt next to the perfectly coiled ones that she turned out. I might have done better if I could find more than 10 bobby pins, lol. I headed out for supplies today to give it a better go tonight. Check out the James Brown like results ;o)

Pin Curls Out

Pin Curls Out

Styling as usual was the only option with these floppy curls.
Grub Time

I put more effort into getting dressed today than I have in over a week. It was strictly hats, old tees and whatever pullover was lying around until now. It felt nice to feel “normal”. We took the kiddies out to lunch. They were one step from bat shit crazy from being indoors so much.

Headed Home

The girl twin is the photographer, that’s why she’s missing from the pic. She took these, too.


Crochet Scarf :: Handmade Gift
Purse :: Express
Coat :: Steve Madden
Jeans :: F21
Oxfords :: H&M

Out and About

The Dude and Me

I didn’t get much knitting done last night, I hope to finish the back of the Date Maker in the next few days. I want to sew a version of the Janice skirt tonight, but it’s getting late so it might not happen. The pattern pieces are giving me the stink eye from the sewing table, though.

I hope the third day of November has been a good one for you all, too.


5 thoughts on “Out and About

  1. Love the natural hair. Having natural hair makes it so much more fun to style and makes you even more flexible with styles…the hard part is the wash and blow dry and the styling part lol.

  2. Hehe, very cute! I flat ironed my hair a few months ago, but must have been too aggressive b/c one section refused to go back to it’s natural state after several washes. :/ Are the kids headed back to school anytime soon?

    • This time was much more successful than the last, which makes me think I might have done some damage…we’ll see soon enough. They go back on Monday. They’ve given a lateness grace period for people traveling from far away.

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