Despite all that has happened I recognize that I am so fortunate. I have the support of my husband, children, sister and friends. And all of you.

We made it through the hurricane with water, power, heat, food and each other. Unlike countless others, my neighborhood (and those of my immediate family) is virtually undamaged. We only have an abundance of leaves and a few downed branches to show that anything happened here. My children’s schools are OK, too. Even the pets in my daughter’s biology class were fine. The local hospital did not lose power to add more worry when my grandma was there. These are all things to feel fortunate about.

Co-chairing the holiday market at the big girl’s school is keeping me busy. It’s as much work as you would think. Event planning, is event planning. I also have a great new job (volunteer though it is) that will provide me with experience and connections that can help with my career goals. And I don’t even have to leave home. The path that led to it is a winding one that all started with a missed opportunity. Never discount a plan going wrong. It can lead to something else going right. I’ll blab more about the job and my goals, soon.

I have a lot to do this month (new job, co-chairing, running 2 crafternoons at Missy’s school, a 10 page paper and more cataloging) but I hope to blog every day in November. Writing here is a great outlet and I mean to take advantage of it. My other creative endeavors hopefully won’t suffer. I have been crocheting and knitting. Working with yarn makes me feel closer to my gran, I think. I hope to get my sewing mojo back before the Sew Weekly signs off for the year, too. I never got the chance to help grandma hunt down her pattern and fabric stash. I hope to make some time for that later this month, as well.

I’ll leave you with this pic of my latest project.
It’s the Date Maker cardigan from By Gum, By Golly.

I like to think of my grandma, young and spunky, dashing around in something similar with her pincurls brushed out just so.


9 thoughts on “Fortunate

  1. I thought about you a bunch when Sandy first hit, and hoped you and your family were OK and would post soon. So glad things are good in your neighborhood. These storms of epic proportion are really something amazing! It must be tough to see that devastation, on the news each day, not far from where you live. Let us know if you need anything.

  2. I’m glad everyone is ok. God is definitely an Amazing God.

    I also want to wish you well on your upcoming projects. I’m sure the event will also be a success.

    Speaking of papers, I have two 5-7 page papers to write and two ppt presentations that I need to finish. Gotta love Grad School, eh?

  3. So glad you guys didn’t have to deal with any power outages or any related nuisances! I’m excited to hear more about your job! And I loooooove how your sweater is looking– what a great color!

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