Today is my birthday….

and as of 1:53am, it’s pretty sucky.

AND of my own making, so I have no one but myself to blame. I managed not to totally fuck up on my cataloging midterm.  But, instead worked to the last second on my archiving class assignment (when I had a totally amazing time while completing my observation, more about that later when I stop being mad at myself) and didn’t get it in on time. This was the fault of Cablevision’s shitty service. But, mostly the fault is mine. I’m fresh out of school related get-up-and-go.

I might make myself some cupcakes, like these, tomorrow so I can cheer the hell up.

Maybe I’ll eat 33. One for each year.


15 thoughts on “Today is my birthday….

  1. Happy birthday. Don’t despair. Sometimes birthdays are shitty. It’s okay. Drink some champagne and watch a movie you love. Take a walk. Be grateful for something. Allow yourself to feel however you like.

  2. Okay. Make those cupcakes. Better yet, send a child to a store to BUY cupcakes for you. Send a husband to a store to buy something fizzy. Have another child give you a pedi while the third turns the pages of Fashion Magazine / Sewing Book / Novel for you.

    Or, just eat soemthing completely shameful while anticipating what your awesome family will most certainly do for you all on their own :))…

    Happy birthday, lovely lady, may each minute of the day be better thank the last!!!

  3. Oh, that calls for a do over.

    I still have anxiety dreams about college and procrastination. Sometimes I feel like I’m going to have to go back to school just to banish those demons for good.

  4. Oh my dear – I hope your day is going better at this point, because you should be able to spend your birthday celebrating the most important person – YOU!! Sending you hugs and kisses and wishes for a fabulous week to offset the bad moments of today!

  5. Nettie, I’m late but Happy Birthday to you (on both of our birthdays!). Sorry to hear it was a bummer, but I hope you’ve been able to treat yourself to something special since then!

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