Hey, How Ya Doing?

I feel like I fell into the black hole of no blogging for a while. In reality, it’s only been five days. It only felt like forever. Believe it or not, I’ve been busy studying (shocking, I know ;p, things were starting to make sense just in time to move onto something else…). I have also been scrambling for a field observation site for an archiving class assignment. Overlapping that I: resolved that personal problem, took the kids to Saturday classes, volunteered at my daughter’s school fair (it was absolutely FREEZING out that day), meet up with a dog owner friend so my son could get a taste of the pet life (It was a meet-up for Basset Hound owners. We are in serious danger of becoming a dog family) and then dove right back into the school week (even the kids were wiped on Monday).

Tired is OK because, I’m not certain that your childhood is complete without bouncing in a bouncy castle ;p

Or shaking hands with some pups.

This is Rudy, my friend Lisa’s doggy!

We spent some time snacking back at Lisa’s. My children are officially in love with her absolutely gorgeous home! They keep hinting about how cool it would be to have a second floor and stairs. Oh, and a backyard. Because that’s so easy to come by in NY 😉

It was a pretty packed four or five days. I, literally, slept all day yesterday. I felt like the massive fatigue came out of nowhere, but reading back over the running around I did (not including meeting up with sewing peeps last Thursday) I guess I should have been tired. Despite that crazy amount of sleep, I was out like a light before midnight. That almost never happens. I woke up to a sick big girl (she has lady troubles. ALREADY. She’s only eleven. You cannot fathom the misplaced guilt I feel.) so I had company around the house today. We watched tons of DVR’ed Project Runway, and then Mulan, while I traced my Anise pattern:

And drafted version one of the affectionately dubbed Janice skirt:

You would not believe how fast my daughter got tired of Heidi’s repetitive catch phrases! Or how we laughed at Mulan despite having watched it dozens of times between us. It sucked that she was knocked flat most of the day, but it was nice to spend some one-on-one time with her. I normally travel with all the kiddies, so solo time is hard to come by. We all appreciate those rare times when we’re able to get that quality time in.

I was all set to sew up that skirt tonight, but I got a(nother fucking) headache and I just got so totally sleepy that I’ve changed my mind….and don’t worry…I’m not pregnant ;p LOL! I better get the kids’ things ready for school and give myself a pep talk about tomorrow’s midterm and observation hours. I hate tests and I always get so nervous around new people. Here’s to hoping that both things go well!


5 thoughts on “Hey, How Ya Doing?

  1. Yowzer, you’ve been busy! But DUUUUUUUUUUDE– you guys need a dog! Every kid should have a dog (or countless dogs, like my lucky childhood)! Your kids can hang with my dogs anytime they like. 🙂

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