Distracted by Frosting

First, thanks SO MUCH for your nice comments on my Meringue skirt and your comments in general. I really appreciate it!!

Now. You see, I’ve already encountered some frosting to interrupt my Fall Sewing Scheme! Janice made this awesome suspender skirt for this week’s Something Blue Sew Weekly challenge.

Isn’t it so cute!! Now, Janice did an awesome job of putting together a casual look with this style and I’ve been obsessing over it since she posted the pattern on her blog. I’ve already hunted down the exact pattern via Etsy, but I’m wondering if this wouldn’t be kind of easy to draft using my TNT pattern….

Etsy seller, Mean Old Bags (KICK ASS NAME), has helpfully posted a photo of the back of the pattern. Don’t you just love that vintage patterns put photos of the actual pattern pieces on the back? It’s so helpful to know if that look you love takes 10 pieces or 20 pieces to construct. Here’s a look at it:

you can view it super sized on etsy

Advance 7907

Image via Mean Old Bags Shop Listing

It seems like it would be fairly simple to trace the front and back skirt pieces butted up against each other or slightly overlapped, then draft the higher waistline and front detail in? Yes? No? I’m not worried about the lack of instructions if I don’t buy the pattern. A pencil skirt is a pencil skirt. I do wonder if I can get the waistband to sit like I want without side seams….unless the instructions tell you to put a dart at the waist like this pattern (made up here and here) does. I could always use the side seams on mine, Janice’s skirt has them, I don’t have to make it up exactly as this pattern shows.

What do you guys think?

This is also the time of year when I get the urge to knit. I’ve just downloaded these two beauties:


I’m making Pontos first, in this Irish wool I got at a (SUPER FUN) yarn swap. Mine will be a little shorter, wearing sweaters this length is hard for me. They tend to hug and emphasis my larger lower half. And not in a good way. They need to be longer, like to the knee, or shorter. I chose shorter for this one.
Aran Wool from Kerry Woollen Mills in Ireland


Chuck is a challenge knit, as I am pants at making cables. I really love the look Andi’s got going on in that photo, though I’m planning mine in a fuchsia pink color. I tried looking for similar, or at least cabled sweaters, in the thrift store today. No dice. I did bring home some real treats (including a Micheal Kors knit top for $6.39 and a Gap puffy vest w/ fur trimmed hood for my daughter for the same price) that I’ll try to photograph tomorrow. All told, we (my big girl was with me) spent $35.53 for nine items. Not bad

I know you’re thinking “WHAT ABOUT YOUR SEWING PLANS!?!?!” But, knitting is really useful at this time of year, as the kiddies Saturday activities start up next week and I’ll need something to do while I wait for them. Knitting is portable, sewing is (usually) not.

Do you guys have any knit plans? Sewn or by hand?


14 thoughts on “Distracted by Frosting

  1. Lately I’ve been drooling over everything yarn-related. As soon as I finish the scarf that’s meant to be a birthday present for my roommate, I’m jumping in to a cabled sweater similar to the one you’re planning. I just…want…yarn…time….

  2. Chuck is adorable! I’m actually starting a twitter knitalong tomorrow. We’re making a cowl and using the hashtag “twitknits”. I finished my kids’ fall hat knitting, and hub is now waiting for his. I also told my eldest I would crochet him a hat with a mohawk on it. I better get on that…

  3. I think you should play with the skirt pattern and have fun with it. try it in fabric you like but won’t be bummed about losing. It’s looks really easy-

    I am not a knitting pro like you and hate to spend so much on yarn but think I can convince myself to knit one thing after my year with Sew Weekly is over.

  4. Nice! Both of those sweater patterns are gorgeous! I just picked up a half-finished cardigan that I gave up on back in the springtime– it’s finally sweater season again!

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