The “No Navy Meringue Blues” Skirt

The "Navy Meringue Blues" Skirt

The Facts
Fabric | 50/50 Poly/Cotton or Rayon/Poly suiting. It’s from, and it either cost $2.99 a yard of $5.99 a yard. I have ordered so much blue fabric and suiting fabric lately that I can’t tell which this is, lol. It’s not terrible, but I am glad I didn’t make a dress from it like I originally intended. The gray facings are made from a stretch suiting that is so soft and wonderful I wish I had ordered twice as much as I did.
Patterns | Colette Patterns, Meringue from The Colette Sewing Handbook. I used my TNT pencil skirt pattern to help me choose the size and grade the side seam from one size to another. I’m glad I did that, I don’t think I would have liked the slight flare the skirt would have had otherwise.
Year | Current
Notions | Thread, a zipper, iron on interfacing.
Time to complete | Quite a few hours for such a little skirt. I was skeptical about the facings being wide enough because they looked quite short and they NEVER are when I make skirts. I always have to fudge it a bit, but this pattern is drafted to perfection. I even took care to follow the zipper installation instructions (partially) so that my zip is nicely enclosed in the facing. Lovely. I played fast and loose with the scallop application, but I’m really pleased with the outcome.
First worn | To take indoor photos, which I now realize I don’t enjoy. I’ve become accustomed to outdoor photo sessions. Something I never thought I’d say when I started this challenge. But, there’s no school today and it’s damp and cool out, so we’ve been in all day. I’m wearing a thrifted cardigan as a top, my new Melissa shoes (!!!), F21 tights and my grandmother’s necklace and pin.
Wear Again? | Yes, definitely!

The "Navy Meringue Blues" Skirt

The "Navy Meringue Blues" Skirt

The back also fits pretty well, but the waist could sit closer to my body. I layered my TNT pattern pieces, which already has a swayback adjustment on the back piece, over the pattern sheet from the book. I think applying the zipper on the side rather than the back (thereby eliminating that extra back seam) left a little more fabric in that area. One of my darts is a bit pointy, but it’s barely noticeable. I used a ham to press them (and the darts on Sencha) and I really feel like it made a difference.

The "Navy Meringue Blues" Skirt

There’s not much else to say about this one. Though, getting the little details to line up properly and the darts to look well in this fabric mix took a little bit of time, it was worth it. I love this little skirt! I don’t know how many scallop hemmed skirts one really needs her in her wardrobe, but thanks to the roll of 24 inch wide tracing paper (OMG why didn’t I get this sooner, it saves so much time taping sheets together and worrying about the tape coming loose) I bought, I have a really serviceable pattern copy, that will last.

The "Navy Meringue Blues" Skirt

A little side note about these shoes. I fell in love with the Melissa line thanks to Ms. Darling and another Aussie blogger, Marianne of Esme and the Laneway (be careful if you follow this link, you will want her entire wardrobe of clothes and shoes). I am not generally a heel wearer, but a good wedge is usually fine. Well, I wore these shoes to go to Gertie’s book party. I was rushing around and sweating (Melissa’s are like old school Jellies for grownups) which was a bad combo for a new shoe outing. My heels are still recovering.

Lesson: Don’t wear new shoes when

a. you are in a rush

b. when they are plastic and it is hot

c. when you’re on an outing far from home.

d. all of the above

Thank goodness I brought some flats with me. And had bandages in my purse 😦

The "Navy Meringue Blues" Skirt

More pics, including the guts which we all love to see, here. Oh, the first two were Picmonkey-ized. I do not naturally glow like that, no matter how much I buff my skin ;p


24 thoughts on “The “No Navy Meringue Blues” Skirt

  1. Such a cute skirt and outfit, love the skirt with the yellow cardigan and blue tights! I have the worst luck with new shoes and blisters so I feel your pain. Hopefully they’re better next wear!

  2. This looks so cute, Nettie, I love the way you sew!

    And oh wow… Get out of my head about wedges and also rules for breaking them in. I carry extra flats around with me too! 😉 They don’t take up much room and when they’re handy, they’re really handy.

    • Thank you, Steph!! As I said to Jen above, my feet are like little baby feet or something. I have like zero tolerance for heels and foot pain. The flats were a last minute grab before I left. I missed my train and blamed turning back for the shoes, but by the end of the night I was SO grateful!

  3. what a great skirt! It’s very J.Crew but suits you in the way that you’ve styled it (tights, shoes)

    In my opinion, the simplest projects take the most time because the little details that it does HAVE to be done with precision or else it will be VERY noticeable.

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