What I Wore :: 9.25.12

What I Wore 9.25.12

Yellow Cotton Cardigan :: Halogen :: $4.99 from The Salvation Army Store
Silk Blouse (came with a matching skirt) :: Due Per Due :: $4.59 Thrifted from Domsey’s
Scarf and Jeans :: Forever 21
Purse :: Express :: $14.99 on sale (!!!!)
Shoes :: Old Navy :: $19.99

Hello, all!! I should have worn this outfit to take the kiddies to school and to run an errand at the Brooklyn Public Library’s Brooklyn Collection room yesterday. Instead, I wore the t shirt I slept in and the nearest pants I could find to take the little three to school and then crept back home, whilst keeping my THROBBING head as still as possible.

You see, I had a migraine from HELL. It started the night before last and kept me up all that night and begin to really hammer by daylight. There were tears and some dry heaving. Very, very unpleasant stuff. I was in bed, in the dark lying very still, all day.

But today, I feel better. Here’s proof.

What I Wore 9.25.12

An extra cheesy smile! I was not fit to take a picture of yesterday. I could barely sit up. I did power through homework with the kids and an assignment I had due that night. I can’t rightly say I did so well on it considering that I could hardly think. SIGH.

 Anyway, here’s a closeup of my blouse. Little ladies! With umbrellas! I love it!

What I Wore 9.25.12

During the wee hours of this morning, as I moped about my potentially bad grade, I started a new Pinterest board. I have one for style inspo and one for sewing related links, but I was starting to lose track of stylish things that I could make myself or find the ingredients for in my closet. So, this board was born.

Because I had nothing better to do, like get some sleep, I moved or repinned a lot of items from the style board to this one. I need more style help in cooler weather. Summer style is easier for me. I think this system will work much better for finding things I not only like, but want to wear and can thrift or make myself.

About the making aspect of this whole thing. I’m working on another post. It’s all about jacket fabrics. I had way too much fun draping them on my dressform earlier. I was a little punchy from lack of sleep and trying to stay awake, so it probably wasn’t really that much fun, lol.

Right now, I’m reveling in the sounds of joy coming from my living room. I went and bought a copy of The Avengers for the kids (and me and hubby, too) this morning. Somehow, I mainly blame Netflix instant watch options, we have a house full of die hard super hero fans. They look at this book everyday. The pages are falling out of it!

I’m off to make dinner while running on fumes. It’s times like this when I really wish I drank coffee and that caffeinated beverages didn’t give me the shakes, lol.

Till later!


5 thoughts on “What I Wore :: 9.25.12

  1. So sorry you were in such pain. I know how that is. I missed an exam last week due to pain and meds, but luckily, my prof let me make it up. The ladies w/ umbrellas print is now my favorite ever. My hub and kids are major comic character fans. Hub is a spiderman fanatic and last year he even dressed up as Green Lantern for Halloween. Hilariously, our neighbor did too. I have managed to avoid Marvel fandom somehow… 😉

  2. I think we need to have a Domsey’s date.

    Today I’m wearing thrifted jeans (J. Crew – $5) and shirt (F21 – $3) and $250 boots. I think this is the way I like my outfits 🙂

    • A Domsey’s date sounds like a great idea. And I think you’ve got the right idea with where you spent your money. I’ve had enough cheap, and really uncomfortable, shoes for a lifetime.


  3. What a great outfit! How can you not feel better wearing yellow?! It always cheers me up, even though it’s not my best color.

    Golly, you have four kids and you DON’T DRINK COFFEE?! You wanna talk about superheroes?! You’re SQUARELY in that category, dude!!

    • I love this little cardi!! I think everyone can look good in any color, you’ve just got to find the right shade!

      Re: Coffee
      I hate the smell and taste of it. I have never had more than a sip of it in my life. I tried to get in on the iced coffee fad, but it didn’t work, lol
      I also don’t like pizza and eat most things plain without cheese, ketchup or mustard. Most people find this very odd ;p

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