Fall Sewing Scheme

I was strolling, virtually, with my sewing peeps when, Janice mentioned her lack of sewing plans for fall. In a counter argument, my girl Heather, chimed in with her fall make plans.  Janice has some really valuable points about sewing what you want and thinking through your reasons for what you choose. And there was some definite overlap between what Heather and I wanted to make and it got me thinking about my fall agenda. I know, that for me, making plans can be the kiss of death. But, I’m gonna do it ANYWAY, lol. With Janice’s philosophy in mind. Here’s my, tentative:

Colette Anise  Sewaholic Minoru

Anise is up first. Coletterie has a sew-along planned and I’ve purchased the Anise Companion, as well. I have three fabric choices in contention at the moment. I’ll post more on them soon. If that goes well, I will try to tackle Minoru. There are sew-along posts on Tasia’s blog to help me if I make it there.


Colette Sencha Victory Patterns Roxanne

I want to make view 1 of Sencha and a long sleeved version of Roxanne.

Colette NegroniPattern Runway Pussy Bow Blouse

There are two Negroni‘s planned. One for me. And I have to (FINALLY) make my hubby something! He deserves it. He approved the fabric (a gorgeous blue french cotton for him, and yellow for me) and the pattern. I have a nearly done Pussy Bow Blouse on my dressform right now, in need of a sleeve, hem and buttons.

Grainline  Scout Woven TeeVogue 8815

I am full of variations for more Scout Woven Tees, I want one in challis or crepe. Or leather!! And I’d like a long sleeved peplum top, I think.

The left one is a Burda Magazine pattern. I’ll use Lydia to make my own version in black thermal knit. I’ve already had a comically spectacular failure at making that bow blouse, lol. I was rushing and working with a silhoutte that I don’t love. I’d still like to give it another go using some of the mods I made with my last Sencha.


Burda Style 7283Colette Beignet

Mimi’s version of BS7283 convinced me that I had to have one! I still haven’t gotten over my failed Beignet. It was massive, lol. I have some lightweight denim that should prevent it from being super bulky like that one, too. I’m thinking of nixing the buttons on this.

Pattern Runway Skirt

That gathered skirt might become a circle skirt instead. Either way, I want it in this olive wool I’ve had in the stash forever. I already have a Meringue, from The Colette Sewing Handbook, cut out and ready to go.


McCall's 6404   Grainline  Maritime Shorts

Vogue 1051

The pants are the only true question marks on the list. I’m going to start with the pattern most likely to be worn, the first one, McCall’s 6404. I love so many versions of that Alice and Olivia pattern, but my preferred fall/winter footwear options won’t really work with that silhouette. The shorts from Jen will have to be done sooner than later, depending on how the weather plays out.

Dress Options

 McCall's 6553Simplicity 2246


I MUST have McCall’s 6553!! Mimi, Sallie and Ginger made this one a must sew. I have this gorgeous, slinky, black crepe de chine that is begging to become that dress. I have a great chambray for Simplicity 2246. I have very strong feeling about the wiggle dress in Gertie’s book. I have a function to go to with my grandma that I would like to make it for, but I don’t know if that will happen in time. There’s bound to be tons of fit issues with my pear shape and I have a ton of school work that makes deadline sewing a bad idea. I have a variation on that last dress already cut out and ready to go.

There it is! Ambitious to be sure, but these are only plans, people! Rules are for fools and are made to be broken…..or whatever, lol. I’m sure there will be something frothy and cute to distract me. But, either way, I end up with more (hopefully) awesome handmade goodies.

Will you join the virtual sewing stroll and post or reply with your list???


20 thoughts on “Fall Sewing Scheme

  1. Cool plans! I was just about to post mine when I went to a local boutique with a friend yesterday and tried on a few things WAY out of my budget. I fell in love and now I want to add or change the things on my list. However, I already have the fabric and patterns for those and these new things would require purchase of both, so it might all be a dream. My stash makes me feel so guilty!

    • Doesn’t that ALWAYS happen! I know it’s only going to take one afternoon of pinning things on Pinterest to remind me of something I forgot to include. Or worse, tons of NEW things, lol

      I have stash guilt too….I’ve been trying to sew with it, but I caved and ordered fabric. Most of it stunk, so that’s cured me for a while.

  2. Wow! I won’t be surprised if you get them all done! I really loved your Roxanne’s and want so much to download that pattern… But I will have to grade one more size down, I think. My bustages are simply not as big as Victory would have them.

    • I hope I can. I want to wear these clothes!! Lol
      I think the pattern would be fairly easy to grade. The most complex part might be adjusting the armhole size and redrafting the curved hems.

  3. I am all over this like a bad habit (I also have that McCalls leggings pattern and came THISCLOSE to buying some fabric to make the “Jodphurs”. Don’t ask me why I have wanted a pair of “jodphurs” for the least like, 15 years. I have no idea why). I was might tempted by the Colette jacket this fall but maybe in the spring…. ANd I can’t wait to see that Victory blouse! Regardless, if even a small portion of this happens you are going to have a heap of awesome separates. Which means: winning.

    • I, too, suffer from jodphur wantiness, lol. I think, for me anyway, it comes from being denied the freedom to dress as badly as a child of the 80s and 90s should have. My artistic interest in dressing in stretchy pants and loud sweaters was seriously stunted. I didn’t even get to wear Docs!

      You are right about the winning. If even a handful of these items make it to my closet I’ll be thrilled!

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  5. I want to make that pussy bow blouse some day AND the Minoru. It will happen. My plans have all gone to non-planning lately but I really love all these patterns and seeing others’ inspirations!

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