The “Hold the Buttons” Sencha

The "Hold the Buttons" Sencha

The "Hold the Buttons" Sencha

The Facts
Fabric | Red, dotty rayon challis from, where else, It was $1.95 a yard and I had a TON of it, lol. Some was wasted on a failure and I also used it to make this skirt. I think I might be able to squeeze one more thing out of the remnants.
Patterns | Colette Patterns, Sencha. This is my second, it’s modified even more than the first.
Year | Current
Notions | Thread and a zipper. There’s a bit of iron on interfacing at the center back to support the zipper.
Time to complete | I’ve had major insomnia lately (anxiety over school, cataloging and classification SUCKS) so I was, literally, up all night sewing this. The fabric, and my desire to get cleaner results, made me take my time. I stopped, with just the zipper and neckline to go, when the sun came up and finished the next (last) night. I’m really proud of the finishing on this one. The inside is so nice and neat!
First worn | To take the kiddies to school. On the way home, I posed for some timer shots, ALONE, in a semi populated area!! This is HUGE for me. I only felt a little awkward. Check out this pic of me laughing when an older gentleman, probably a professor, stopped to say “looking good” and that I “chose a great model” lol.

The "Hold the Buttons" Sencha

My daughter took a few shots with it belted, though I prefer it without it. You can see all of the pics here. I’m holding a rock in my hand, btw. I found it on the stairs, there. My kiddies collect cool looking rocks. This one is a pretty beige color and very smooth.
Wear again? | Yes. It is so slinky and comfy. Hubby and the kiddies like it, too. I really, really love working with challis. I’ve loaded up my cart with some cool selections for future projects.
Total price | A couple bucks for the fabric is really all.

The "Hold the Buttons" Sencha

The "Hold the Buttons" Sencha

I chose to use a zipper as the closure partially out of laziness (my new machine has a 4 step buttonhole that seems like too much work) and partially out of practicality. I was never crazy about the buttons on the first one, I disliked the way it made the bottom portion flare out. I initially planned to insert a side zip. But, even with the extra width for the cut-on facings removed from the center back, it was still very wide. You can see in the shot below how much room I still had to groove by the size of the facings.

The "Hold the Buttons" Sencha
I think removing width from the center, rather than cutting a smaller size was the right choice, at least the darts seem to be properly placed. The upper back could be taken in some more (I folded out a small section at the upper back and cut it smaller than the front. Both front and back are a smaller size at the waistline and tapered out to a larger size for my slightly larger lower half), my back is super narrow, but overall I’m pleased with this fit.

The "Hold the Buttons" Sencha

I’m happy to be sewing again. Along with back to school fever and PMS sapping my energy, I had the worse streak of sewing failures ever at the same time. Going to Gertie’s book party, chatting with awesome sewing peeps and being surrounded by so much handmade goodness really lit a fire in me! I was especially jazzed after dinner with Janice, Sharon and Cindy talking about draping and sewing challenges over yummy Korean BBQ. I hope my sewing luck, and patience and attention to detail, continue!

The "Hold the Buttons" Sencha

PS- I am CRAZY about these shoes!! I LOVE oxfords and I love finding things a good price. I almost caved and bought a similar pair from Asos for $90. I found these in H&M for $35! The jeans were only $10.90 from Forever21. Love it!


15 thoughts on “The “Hold the Buttons” Sencha

  1. It fits you beautifully! And brilliant idea putting the zipper in the back. I want to sew this pattern, too, but have been daunted by the back buttons. A zipper makes so much more sense.

    • Thank you!! I’m having a love affair with challis!! I shocked myself with the public pics! I carry my camera everywhere and am often to chicken to actually use it.

  2. This looks great! Kudos to taking pictures in a semi-populated area (I can totally relate, since I take all my pictures by myself all of the time.) It was nice to meet you at the book party as well.

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