Gaining Ground

Friends, it has been quite the back to school EXTRAVAGANZA over at mine.

Supply mountain

My dining room table covered in labeled and sorted school supplies.

The most difficult bit being the breaking of the umbilical cord between myself and my first born child. She’s been GASP traveling alone!!! This is a huge, Huge, HUGE deal to me and mine. I am a bit of a clingy mama. With the exception of time spent in the NICU (all three of my youngest), school and extra curricular activities (where I am hovering about waiting for them to end)  my children are always with me or a blood relative. And select relatives, at that.

Despite the loss of sleep, paralyzed urge to sew, do school work or anything besides basic functioning (cook, eat, bathe) and the ulcer I’ve surely given myself, she is thriving with the new responsibility. And my heart is breaking. This is just the first step towards her independence and my lack of relevance in her life. If I sound overly dramatic it’s because I AM and IT’S TRUE! Her new school is amazing and she loves it there.

Message from the K Teachers

Sweet teacher’s note to the twins.

I love their new school!! They’re in different classes this year and I see the good it’s done the boy already. His sister has a dominant, overly helpful personality that left him following her a lot.

Homework with the twins
Twin homework time.

My oldest son was on the couch behind me doing his on his own. He has the most difficult time with change, but he seems to adjusting to the new situation. He and the twins have steady gym classes which he’s really enjoying and they’re also taking piano lessons. For free. We went from a school that left MUCH to be desired to two that I couldn’t possibly ask more from.

I’m slowly forcing myself to focus on school, as well. The dismal outcome of my last assignment has some to do with finding the motivation in that area. I’d hate to continue my tradition of flaming out on my last semester (see-undergrad transcripts for proof). My lack of interest in sewing was only going to be overcome by forcing the issue. I managed a Sew Weekly project that I am quite proud of. More on the reasons for this sudden urge to take-my-damn-time in that post.

Before I go, check out mah BLUE HAIR!!



My sis also did the lower back section. I love it!! It’s fading a bit, so it’s time to re-up. I see blue hands in my future!





8 thoughts on “Gaining Ground

  1. you are one good momma, let me tell you. As a non-mom, I’m so inspired when I see another mother cling to her young ones as you say you do. It makes my heart melt. Although it’s hard for you now, take their gained independence also as a step for you to gain some more independence.

    Oh, and I love the blue hair. You rock it!

    • Thanks, Maddie!! I feel like I smother/shelter them, too, much. But the big bad world gets them soon enough. They can stand my coddling a little longer ;o) And more time for me is a definite plus!

  2. I only have one in school, and I’m already overwhelmed with the changes and responsibility (probably because all the literature and parent letters are in my second language…it takes me almost as long to read the instructions as it does for my son to do the assignments!)

    Love the blue hair too! I tried that years ago, but it washed out after only two shampoos. Boo.

  3. Gosh, you’ve got a full plate these days! I hope you’re able to adjust to the changes with school and deal with the stress in a healthy way. And I hope you’re able to motivate and finish this last semester strong (I know you will– you’re gonna kill it!). I’m sure it must be so bittersweet to see your girl growing up, but I know your relationship will only get better and closer as she’s able to relate to you woman to woman.

    I can’t even talk about your hair. It’s beyond rad.

    • It’s a lot, G. But I manage to get through it mostly OK. Looking at how pleased my daughter is with herself, and with finally having a cell phone, I can only be happy for her!
      Thanks for the encouragement re: school. I WILL NEED IT, lol

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