Brooklyn Streets Speak Graffiti :: V.III

More beauty from around the hood. This time with Bruce Willis and a giggle!

Bushwick Graffiti :: PIE HARD

Bushwick Graffiti :: Crazy Plant

Bushwick Graffiti :: Scary Ogre

Bushwick Graffiti

Bushwick Graffiti

Bushwick Graffiti

Bushwick Graffiti

Bushwick Graffiti :: Lipstick GUN

I’m stuck on my Sew Weekly project. It’s plaid week. I LOVE plaid, just none of it that’s in my stash. Sigh. I might make a cop-out project like a hair bow or something. This sucks because I have a ton I want to sew, but nothing that really fits in with the next couple of themes….

Anyway tomorrow is the first day of school. Everyone’s in a new setting so anxiety and nerves abound. My kids are all a little hung strung thanks to traits inherited from their mama. I hope we all make it through the next two days OK.

They’ve got supplies up the wazoo. Stalling on labeling everything led to completing two very necessary tasks. Swapping spring/summer fabrics for fall/winter ones and organizing my growing pattern stash. Everything fits into two drawers (one for dresses and jackets, the other for skirts and sets with two or more pieces) and a bin (tops, pants, intimate apparel and misc). I added a little button in the sidebar that allows you to click over to flickr to view them all (newest additions at the end), if you are so inclined.

I’m off to do a final supply check. Wish us luck for a good first day!


5 thoughts on “Brooklyn Streets Speak Graffiti :: V.III

  1. Wow, the street art around your area is absolutely stunning! first day back at school, aaah, I remember the chaos well šŸ™‚ Good luck and I hope it all goes smoothly!

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