Barbie takes over FIT

I am so thankful that I heard about the Barbie themed student exhibition at FIT before it was over. My oldest daughter has been a doll lover from a very young age. I’m fully aware of the various issues (feminist, racial, body image) that surround Barbie and loving her. I, myself, went through a Barbie phase as a child. This was at a time when finding a black doll of any kind was a chore. My affection for her lessened with age, as I’m sure it will for my daughters. Especially with the competition she faces from the super cool Monster High Dolls and mom’s handmade one ;o) But, while they still love her and with Missy’s fashion designer aspirations, I knew that this was a can’t miss exhibition.

It did not disappoint! The students at FIT are seriously talented! Even my husband and boys were impressed.

Check out a sampling of the photos we snapped.
Barbie Student Exhibit @ FIT

Barbie Student Exhibit @ FIT

Barbie Student Exhibit @ FIT

Barbie Student Exhibit @ FIT

Barbie Student Exhibit @ FIT

Barbie Student Exhibit @ FIT

Pantone Barbie is currently fashion roadkill, lol. You can see her standing up at the Barbie Collector site.

Click on the images to read the students’ inspiration in the comment section on flickr. I’ve matched them up where I could. The whole set can be viewed here. I hope you enjoy looking at the photos! You can read more about the exhibit here and here.

Speaking of dolls. Check out this little lady keeping me company on my sewing table.

It’s Ghoulia Yelps, from Monster High. My girls are just waiting for me to hand her over to one of them.
But SHE IS MINE, lol!


7 thoughts on “Barbie takes over FIT

    • I had an intense doll love affair, lol. I appreciate them more now as an adult, though. I have to fight with myself to resist collecting them in a serious way. I have the urge to make one every now and again, too.

    • It was only there until Sept. 3rd, so if you walked by after then, it was gone. It was so well done. The level of detail was really stunning.


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