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Hi, all!!

What I Wore :: 8.16.12

As you can see from the smile above, I was already in a pretty great mood from spending the day out with my kiddies at the little lady’s swimming lesson (OMG, I have to be in the pool with her. My muscles are SCREAMING from the workout!) and frolicking around in the park. My great feedback on Roxanne didn’t hurt, either! Thanks!

I am now in a FANTASTIC mood!! The grade for my research class was posted, I got an AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! It was touch and go, peeps. My average was 89.99, last I checked.


I had some wiggle room on my final exam. There was some debate over the correct answers to a few questions. Now, I’m only two courses away from graduating with a 4.0!

Anyway, enough about that. After reading this post over on Did You Make That, I thought you (meaning the general sewing interwebs population) might want to see how I store my PDF patterns. I use to fold them and store them in one of these sectioned accordion files, but they creased horribly. And it became harder to store as the folder expanded.

I hit upon the idea of storing them flat, but keeping them corralled when I got my hands on this HUGE sketch board my sister was getting rid of. She’s an art student, so she probably got it in the supply store near her campus. This one on Amazon is close in size.


You can see in the photo below that I’ve used small paper clips to keep the pattern pieces together and then stacked and clipped them to the board. It works pretty well.

PDF Pattern Storage

This is awesome because keeping everything flat is beneficial since folding PDFs is not the same as folding a tissue paper pattern because of the tape used to put them together. I’ve ironed across tape while trying to flatten a pattern before, it melted within seconds! NOT good! (Roxanne is the one with the blue painters tape. I ran out at this point while putting it together. I had to hunt around for a substitute!)

I also keep my cutting mats flat here. I ruined a really great one when it slipped down and curved on one end while I was storing it behind my couch. Another great thing about this board is that I can stand it up and slip it behind my sewing or storage tables and the strong clips don’t slip. Though, in the interest of full disclosure, I usually leave it on the floor in front of the fabric and craft supply closet ;p

Oh, another thing I forgot to mention here (I did post about it on Instagram), I tried to dye the front and back sections of my hair blue-ish last week. As you can see from the photo below, which shows the top of my head quite clearly, it did not work.

In a big, EPIC FAIL, kind of way!

Back to the drawing board (with bleach!!) soon.


7 thoughts on “PDF Pattern Storage

  1. I dyed my hair blue once. I’ve been thinking about doing it again but it’s really messy since it’s not really a dye-it’s a tint. At least that’s the way it was when I did it. I may go for red. For now I’m settling for black in a non ammonia style that will wash out.
    I love the idea of the clipboard and loved your honesty too.

  2. I’ve been hanging my patterns from clipped hangers in the closet, but looking at your stack, I don’t have nearly the amount you do! Nice solution. Congrats on upholding the 4.0! What is your degree program?

    • I do have a lot of patterns printed out, lol. That’s due to my indecisiveness about what to sew. My degree will be in library and info science. School is pretty boring, but I’m hoping that it will eventually lead to an exciting job.


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