Flirty. Swirly. Skirt.

Tank :: Old Navy
Skirt :: Handmade
Sandals :: Forever21
Purse :: Coach

I was up at the ass crack of dawn (only 7am, but on 3hrs sleep {I was in the sewing zone making a true WINNER} it felt QUITE ass crack-y) to take my son to swimming lessons. The NYC Parks Department had a lottery for free ones, and I entered two of my kiddies. The other two weren’t interested and I was not in the mood to persuade them. Maybe next summer.

Anyway, we were up and out in record time, especially considering that I felt like I was walking around in a fog. My sister came with to keep an eye on the other three kiddos in the nearby park while he (WE) conquered a massive attack of the nerves poolside. All of this before 10 am only to get there and the lesson was canceled because there was too much chlorine in the pool.

We go back tomorrow for my little lady’s lesson. I have to get in with her due to her age. I wish I could get them into the same class, with them separated I have to be at the pool everyday for the next two weeks.

Oy, what a busy (and wet) way to end the summer.


13 thoughts on “Flirty. Swirly. Skirt.

  1. Love this skirt, the color and silhouette look excellent on you! The scalloped waistband doesn’t hurt either 🙂

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