Brooklyn Streets Speak :: Graffiti V.II

These two gorgeous walls of art are across from each other on a teeny little street near my hood.

Girl & Graffiti

Graffiti on Metal

This collection of artwork is on plywood, all in a colorful, creative row in Bushwick.

B&W Graffiti

B&W Graffiti

Ignorant People Steal Street Art

Owl & Leaf


12 thoughts on “Brooklyn Streets Speak :: Graffiti V.II

  1. Those are amazing! I’m always so perplexed when people start going on about graffiti blighting the neighborhood. I get it if its over windows or on people’s cars, but no on city walls and fences.

  2. Beautiful! Unfortunately a lot of the graffiti here in NM is gang- or drug-related…messages painted on water tanks in rural areas, for example.

    The Mexican markets all have stunning murals, though. My favorite is of the Virgin de Guadalupe surrounded by fish and squid. It’s stunning.

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