Autumn Days in Summer

I’m not sure what’s happening, but here in NYC we’ve totally had fall weather smack dab in the middle of the summer. You won’t catch me complaining. I was ready for the cool down, but I could do without the rain. Anyway, the chilly morning air made it possible to wear a recently thrifted top that I was saving for the real fall that will show up before we know it.

Top :: Ann Taylor
Jeans & Shoes & Sweater :: Old Navy
Purse & Belt :: Forever21

Pics one and three taken by the girl twin ;o)

I got that Ann Taylor beauty for $4.00 from my favorite store, Domsey’s. Though, The Urban Jungle might give it a run for the money. Thanks to an Instagram exchange with Ms. Dear Golden herself, I am CERTAIN that the dark colored dress from yesterday’s post IS from the 1940s!! I doubt I’d find anything like that, there!


6 thoughts on “Autumn Days in Summer

  1. I worked at Old Navy for way too long and never saw anyone pull off the clothes without looking too “Old Navy.” Props. Mad props.

    Those shoes look so comfortable! The fashion girl in me is dying and sensibility in footwear is like crack to me now.

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