What I Wore :: 7.24.12

What I Wore :: 7.24.12

Hat :: Street Vendor
Shirt :: Old Navy
Shorts :: Simplicity 3530 Handmade by me
Sandals :: Forever21
Purse :: Handmade

What I Wore :: 7.24.12

I’m still recovering from the busiest weekend I’ve had since the graduation and dance performance mania in June. On Sunday, I took the kids to a new student meet and greet picnic given by my oldest daughter’s future school. After much running around, playing catch and hula hoop games I dashed home to drop the kids with my hubby to run back out to go on a makeup consult with my sister.

She was referred by a fellow makeup artist friend who was unable to take the job. I think it went really well. The visit prompted me to revamp her blog a little.

Bellus K

I will be doing the same for my hubby, soon. Tomorrow he has his first important DJ gig. He’s had business cards made up, but his online presence needs some….presence ;o)

I’m excited for both of them!! I don’t know anyone who loves makeup more that her and music more than him. It’s only natural that they should find some success working with these passions. A couple of great things are coming my way, too. I’m preparing for Promaballoona and thinking of sitting out the Sew Weekly challenge. I made a, very late, look for last week that hasn’t been posted. We’ll see if I can fit in two looks, photos, my midterm, supporting hubby at his gig, a gma visit and more kid fun this week.

Stay tuned.


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