Saturday in the Subway

What a great day!! My clan and I went to the Transit Museum today. We had a blast looking at old trains, old ads and being filmed for a new one. There was a crew filming material for the Barclay’s Stadium opening soon in Brooklyn. They asked if we would mind being filmed a bit and (after asking what it would be used for) we agreed. That’s when the man noticed what hubby was wearing.

Brooklyn tee shirt AND Brooklyn Nets hat!

We LOVE our city!
Brooklyn Nets!!

I loved looking at the ads in the train. An astonishing number of them were for booze.
BOOZE :: Chateau Martin Wines

Smoking was apparently not frowned upon.

Lord & Taylor

And neither was gun use.

EDIT: Check out this comment from Lady Katzagiving us the scoop on the NRA sign-

Thanks for sharing!!

I particularly loved this one featuring WyNona Blackman.
Miss Subways

Isn’t she gorgeous?!? We even attended the same college!

This blue featured prominently on many of the older trains. This was my favorite of the day.

And this is the best picture of me taken today.

Hubby snap of me

I’m blurry, but happy! Click for more pics.

After we saw all that there was to see, we went to grub on some food. Three out of four kids fell asleep on the bus ride home, that’s always a sign of a good day. I made it even better later when we whipped up some double chocolate goodness while watching a movie.

A cake party is always the perfect way to end any day!

How was your Saturday?





4 thoughts on “Saturday in the Subway

  1. What a great day! I ran some errands and did some fabric shopping (yay!), caught up with my sister on then phone, then on Saturday evenings, my husband plays hockey, so I stay home with the dogs and sew! Geeky, boring Saturday, but I love them!

    Brooklyn College has such a great campus! I’ve filmed there a couple of times, and every time it makes me want to go back to school!

    • That sounds like a perfect day to me!! I’m a homebody at heart so, sometimes, all of the running around during the summer makes me a little crazy. I do it for the kids ;p
      I love my campus! It’s so beautiful when everything’s in bloom. It’s even prettier now that they’ve renovated some of the oldest buildings.

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