It Pays to be Nice

Hi, all!! No sewing to show you yet. I’ve been super busy with class and actually went out with my hubby last night. I wore a recently thrifted dress. It’s from Banana Republic, I paid $6.39 from Domsey’s. You can see the details a bit better here.

Thrifted Dress :: Banana Republic $6.39

It’ possible that I’m avoiding sewing because I keep expecting something else to go wrong. I have put those bad feelings behind me because my luck has changed! After the event last night, we jumped into a taxi (after several passed us) and there sat someone’s iPhone. The battery was dead so I put it in my purse to message the owner when we got home.

When I charged it a bit, I sent an email to the owner telling him to contact me via email to arrange pickup. Then, I noticed that a text came in pleading to return it for a cash reward. I replied to the text telling him to check his email. This morning I read his, VERY enthusiastic, response. I told him what my nearest train station was and he replied that he could get there in thirty minutes. When I walked in the station he said “You have my phone!” like he was surprised I really came, lol. I gave it to him and he took out his wallet, saying that I “must be the only New Yorker in the world who would do this” and gave me this:

That is SOME reward! I don’t know what he has on that phone that was so important, but I’m glad I was able to give it back. After meeting a Freecycler to give her some of my boys’ old winter coats (it was a very busy morning, good thing the kids are with grandma, again) I promptly went to the thrift store to reward myself with a bit of shopping ;o) I saw this guy on the way.

Whoops! Squished him!

I ended up with only two things for me. A pink boy’s oxford shirt (Sean John, $4.59), size 16’s fits me pretty well  and this for $3.39!!

Wonder Woman!!

The kids were the real winners on this trip. My oldest won’t have to wear a uniform this year, so I’ve been picking things up for her all summer. I don’t know why it never occurred to me to look for kids clothes at the thrift. I guess it’s because I already get a great deal on their things with sales and coupons. I got this stack of eleven items for $43.73.

Thrifted Kid Goodies

With the exception of a replacement tutu skirt (which is from Target) these are all name brand items, most of which I would never pay full price for. Click the pic for the brand and price breakdown, if you’re interested.

I still have the place to myself, so I’m going to tackle my new machine. I thrifted a few items from the Goodwill store downtown Brooklyn on Thursday. The prices and organization don’t hold a candle to Domsey’s, but I was able to find a dress for my big girl (denim with short sleeves from H&M, $8) and some items to refashion.

Off to work!


7 thoughts on “It Pays to be Nice

  1. Go you Nettie that’s a really lovely thing to do, I’d do the same. You get more pleasure out of finding a thrifted bargain. Hope to see you on SW this week.

  2. That’s a nice exchange and makes me feel better about my experience! A couple years ago I dropped my iPhone at a coffee shop and some kids (I think) took it for a joy ride all the way to Mexico (I tracked it!). I kept sending them texts offering rewards, much bigger than the phone was worth. Cuz these things are like little computers now! Lots of personal information.

  3. I’m a real believer in “What goes around comes around”. Not only did you get a nice cash reward but I’m sure your kind act will come back to you some day!
    Great thrift store finds, too!

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