Brown is Good

What I Wore :: 7.18.12

What I Wore :: 7.18.12

What I Wore :: 7.18.12

Hat :: Street Vendor
Dress :: DIY Refashion Thrifted skirt-to dress
Sandals :: Forver21
Purse :: Coach
Belt :: Thrifted

These pics were taken by the girl twin. She had the good photographer juju today. It’s about elventy billion degrees today, so this dress was pretty much a perfect choice for staying cool. I was glad to have the chance to wear my new belt. I got it from my favorite thrift store, Domsey’s, for $3.39 a while back.

But none of that matters right about now because look at what my best friend the UPS man just bought me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's here!!!

It was very difficult to hold myself back from hugging him, lol. He also bought some DJ equipment thingamajig for my husband and some (much needed, how much more will they GROW) clothes for the kiddies. So, basically, he made the whole house happy in one go.

We like him VERY much! Thanks UPS! Your employees are awesome!

We’ll always bet on BROWN, lol!


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