Becoming a Hat Person

What I Wore 7.16.12

New Hat!

What I Wore 7.16.12

What I Wore 7.16.12

Dress :: Me Made Mociun knockoff dress
Sandals :: Payless
Purse :: Coach
Hat :: A street vendor. It’s 95% paper and 5% poly. Isn’t that cool?!?!

I’m having such a great time with my family this summer! The kids and I went to the pool with my sister on Friday. There was fun and drama. Fun for the little three and a little slipped under the water drama with my oldest. It was a epic freakout, reminiscent of the one I had at about the same age.

Yesterday, we all (dad included) played in the park. It’s not always easy for all six of us to go out and play, my hubby works a lot, at times. We rode bikes and scooters. We played catch and kick ball. Afterward, we were all ravenous and ate dinner like piggies! OINK!

I needed yesterday’s fun. I had to chill the hell out after Saturday. There was some kind of disconnect between Fed Ex and Amazon that resulted in a missing apt# and an undeliverable sewing machine. Can you say RAGE!! I WENT OFF on the rep that had the misfortune to take my call. I feel really bad, now. But I was sooooo angry!

I’m stuck inside waiting for them to come, now. Then we will likely head out for more fun. I really need to get a bike. My husband is tall, so riding his was like riding one of those circus stunt bikes LOL! I felt like I was 10 feet in the air. I was impressed that the kids weren’t sore today. They play hard, but bike riding is tough work for little legs. But, kid energy saved them, I guess.

Are any of you bike riders? Where did you get yours and was it priced reasonably?



15 thoughts on “Becoming a Hat Person

  1. Love your outfit, I’d say you are definitely a hat person! What sort of bike are you looking for? If you’re looking for a cruiser I have a Linus bike (the Mixte 3) and love it. It was affordable when I got it but I’m not sure if their prices have gone up or anything. I have a road bike too but it’s not the sort of thing you can lock up which means it mostly sits inside.

    • Thanks, Jen!! I do want a cruiser but I worry about it being heavy. I would mostly be riding for fun/fitness, so that might not be so important. I can’t really travel everywhere by bike because I usually have my kids.


  2. SUCH A cute outfit! Love it! I bought my bike when I was visiting my husband’s family– bikes always seem to be waaaaaay marked up here in the city (what’s up with that? lame!). I got a Giant hybrid bike that was on sale, and I really like it! Hybrids are designed for city commuter types– they’re faster than, say, a beach cruiser type bike, but they’re more comfortable than a road bike.

    • Thanks, G!! Bikes are super expensive here. And I live close to Williamsburg, bike rider central, so things get even crazier.
      I checked for Giant’s on Craigslist and found some pretty good deals. Thanks for rec!

  3. Oh Em Gee, I love your hat! I collect hats, seriously. I wear one all the time in winter and i’m still working on using all my different hats in rotation during the summer too.

    Oh, and I have a Raleigh C30. They don’t make them anymore but its a hybrid. Its perfect for road and packed trails, but doesn’t work for mountain biking but I can’t do that anyway.

    • Thanks!! I was never really into hats because I have a big head to fit. I’m glad to have this one to get a break from dealing with my hair.

      Thanks for the bike feedback!

  4. oh that hat looks wonderful! (and the dress, I love it) :o)
    and bikes NYC are pretty fun, I love slow poking my way up the hudson river bike path on weekend mornings. it’s all flat so you can go so far & just enjoy it.

    • Thanks, Wendy!! Fellow W name ;o)
      I have low biking expectations. I’d like to putter around a bit. Ride by the water near the Navy Yard, nothing strenuous. I hope I can get one before the summer is over.

  5. Very cute! We are a family of bike riders. I bought my bike, a beach cruiser, at a local shop. I will probably sell it and get a hybrid mountain/road bike though as it will better suit my needs. It’s hard to ride a beach cruiser on forest trails with a 25 pound toddler up front, lol.

  6. Loving the hat. I’m a big haired and big headed girl so hats rarely fit me. I have a Bianche hybrid that I love. I went with a hybrid for speed over a cruiser. It was a bit pricey even on sale but I use it. When my son was younger I would ride my bike to his preschool with him in a bike carrier. Now some days I bike to school with the kids. I have this vision of grocery shopping and doing errands by bike but that hasn’t happened. LOL!

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