The “Chop it, Paint it, Wear it” Top

The "Chop it, Paint it, Wear it" Top
Okay friends, this is my last cheater/make do/no sewing machine project. I’m picking out a new one today!! I have been one ornery, unhappy camper without my machine. Everyone in my family will be much happier once I’m set again.

My first fabric painting+refashion attempt was a BOMB, lol. I used these Sharpie markers on an old boy’s uniform shirt. It did not go well. They bled a little too much and the light blue color of the shirt didn’t mesh well with the colors of the markers. For attempt number two I switched tools. Gocco paint, a toothbrush and the little plastic lid that’s under the deodorant cap resulted in a semi-success.
Gocco ink make shift stamping pad
The "Chop it, Paint it, Wear it" Top

The Facts |Embellishment Challenge
Fabric | A turtleneck I got in my first Freecycle haul. It’s a medium, possibly petite, from St. John’s Bay.
Patterns | None, refashioned on the fly.
Year | Current.
Notions | Thread, a toothbrush, a plastic lid and Gocco paint.
Time to complete | About a half hour/three quarters of an hour. Mostly fiddling with the colors and layers and then finally adding the oval shaped stamping using the deodorant lid.
First worn | To take my daughter to her summer program.
Wear again? | I can’t honestly say that I’m sure this will get worn again. I really dislike tops that come way up on my chest and neck like this. I felt like I was tugging at it every couple of minutes. I loved painting on it, though. So, I will use that technique again.
Total price | Let’s call it free. The top was free and I’ve had that Gocco paint for ages and ages.

I tied the shirt together in the back to give it some shape. It’s quite boxy to be so damn small, lol. I’m also pretty chuffed about the neatness of my bun! I did it while running through the house this morning and forgot to check it in the mirror before I left.

The "Chop it, Paint it, Wear it" Top

These jeans are sort of refashioned, too. I took in the legs a long time ago, but only just serged off the excess last night. I don’t know why I waited so long. Don’t we all do that sometimes??? Also, I must point out, that back tattoo is almost fifteen years old. Way before tattoos in that location were given that unfortunate nickname….ahem. My oldest son (he’ll be 7 on September 13th) was my photographer this week. I like his slightly tilted shots and those with only half of me in them, lol. And the skewed perspective that results from a shorty taking a pic of a taller person. I particularly like this one below.

The "Chop it, Paint it, Wear it" Top

I cannot wait to sew something! I hope that this super demanding class I’m in and shuttling my daughter to and from class won’t take up so much time (and ENERGY) that I can’t.


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