Brooklyn Bridges

Brooklyn Bridge

Manhattan Bridge as seen from the Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge Stroll

The kiddies and I took a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge yesterday.

Aren’t the views gorgeous?!?!

The last pic was taken with my iPhone. Look at the difference in the pics.

I think it might be time to save for a better camera.

If I shifted around I could capture a partial view of the building where I grew up.

I’ve spent all of my life living here, but I still get excited about walking on this bridge and sharing other places I love with my children.

I love my city!


2 thoughts on “Brooklyn Bridges

    • I call it “The Bridge”, too!! Like it’s the only on in BK, lol!
      I love walking over that bridge. When I was going to school in lower Manhattan and living downtown Brooklyn I walked to and from home some days.

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