More {Social} Networking

I might have the teensiest problem with constant social networking.

Don’t worry, I’m seeking help ;o)

You can now find me

@sownbrooklyn on


& at

Screen Shot 2012-07-02 at 7.04.28 PM

It’s my intention to use both as a way to record things that I don’t necessarily want to or have time to blog about here. It’s fun to post on Instagram and get that instant feedback from others there or on twitter. I enjoy looking at and commenting on other member’s photos, as well. I love to find new blogs and members to follow by clicking the links of those who comment on photos that show up in my stream.

I’ve used the tumblr blog to record my musings on the summer, so far. I like the stream of conciousness posting that I use there. Some things will be cross-posted, but, more often than not, I will leave those journal entries there.

Are any of you on instagram or tumblr? Care to share your handle so I can follow you?


3 thoughts on “More {Social} Networking

  1. Yes, I’m there. We’re now connected on Instagram. Love the idea of Tumblr — still getting used to the practicality. Are you on Goodreads? Yelp? Now I’m getting obnoxious with the social networking, right? 😉

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