Dust Yourself Off and Try Anyway

The "Undefeated" Ensemble
One day last week, I set my alarm to wake up early(ish) to sew. Only to discover that my machine was BROKEN!!! It must have happened while my sister was trying to make a skirt last week. I hadn’t touched it since then. I’m sure if there was ever a group of people who could understand how I felt when I made this discovery, it’s you all.

I managed to reach epic levels of sadness and disappointment so rapidly that I, literally, felt sick to my stomach. Sewing, crafting, creating is my relaxation. My guaranteed feeling of accomplishment when nothing else in my life is certain. Though I felt pathetic to be so upset about my inability to sew for a while, I was genuinely crushed. I wasted the entire day grouching from bed and watching bad TV. Thankfully, I have incredibly understanding children that possess the skill to entertain one another. And wait semi-patiently for dinner.

I found the determination to hand sew the hem on the shorts and think of a project and fabric match that could be made entirely on my serger. Drape Drape no.12 and the only red, white or blue jersey in my stash combined to make it possible to have a project for this week. And to feel like I won the battle I’ve fought with myself my entire life, not to give up so easily.

The Facts |Red, White & Blue Challenge
Fabric | Some kind of slubby  jersey blend, Old Navy cropped pants that have been, mercifully, shortened. I’m not too proud to admit that they never really looked that great on me.
Patterns | Pattern no.12 from the Japanese pattern book, Drape Drape
Year | Current.
Notions | Thread, only.
Time to complete | About an hour. The shorts were super easy, I hemmed them by hand. The top was fast because I didn’t hem or bind anything. I serged it together and finished the neck and armholes on the serger, too.
First worn | Out and about with my family. We visited my granny (her bday is today, Independence Day), went to the park to play (and take pics) and then back home.
Wear again? | Yes, but I may shorten the top. I don’t like that is-she-wearing-a-REALLY-short-dress-or-a-long-top look. I also cut it with the stretch running vertically (that was the only way the pattern fit), so it grew as the day went on.
Total price | Let’s call it free. The white was a scrap and the pants were saved from the trash pile and bought years and years and years ago.

Hopefully, I will have a new machine soon. I might even make it in time for next week’s challenge. I’m working on a contingency plan. Just in case.

More pictures, taken by my daughter, here.


8 thoughts on “Dust Yourself Off and Try Anyway

  1. I think I would reach the same sort of panic in that situation. When the Sh$% goes down, sewing is always there, unless of course your machine is broken. Eeek! That dress looks great on you, I like the shape.

  2. Girl, something happened with my machine a couple weeks ago and I thought it was broken. I was elated at the chance to justify buying a new machine! LOL Very different reactions, right? Turns out the machine is fine and really, I don’t need another one. Does someone have a machine you can borrow until you figure out what to do with yours (repair or replace)?

    • I probably can borrow my grandma’s. It’s an old clunker though….I think I will replace and repair. Next time, I’ll have my own back up.

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