Thrifted and Worn

What I Wore :: 6.29.12

This is the same Graffiti wall from a few days ago. I thought it matched the colors in this outfit pretty well. I thrifted this cute little J. Crew skirt, brand new with tags, for $7.39. SCORE!
What I Wore :: 6.29.12
It’s a bit shorter than I usually wear, but I was out dress shopping with my oldest (she took these pics as well) so there was considerably less activity than when I travel with all four. It was boiling hot out today! I have so much to do for this party tomorrow. I am dreading all of it. I truly forgot how much I hate this kind of thing. I’m being forcibly reminded of it now.

Remember when I mentioned the other gifts I bought for Missy when the Barbie Collector site was having a sale? We gave her two dolls that she wanted. This one was my unexpected hair twin!

Me & My Twin
I hadn’t worn my hair like this in months, what were the odds that I would have it like that the day we gave her this doll??


4 thoughts on “Thrifted and Worn

    • Thanks!! The party was super stressful, only because I don’t generally handle that kind of stuff well. But, it’s over, and my daughter was happy!

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