Humidity = BIGNESS

It’s hard to tell exactly how BIG my hair can get when you see it twisted up or in a bun. It can reach truly remarkable LARGENESS with the help of humidity and rain. We’ve had both in abundance here, lately.

Humidity = BIGNESS

Humidity = BIGNESS

The beast unleashed in all of its multi textured glory. The back section below my ears is very loosely curled, so it always appears longer than the rest of my hair. The middle front has almost no curl at all. The side fronts are loose like the back. And the rest shrinks and crinks and tangles. I wonder how much bigger I could get it if I picked it out????


19 thoughts on “Humidity = BIGNESS

    • I think I’m still battling years of trying to get it smaller/easier to manage/straight/straighter. There was not a lot of support for this hair while growing up.
      I plan to be bold this summer! ;o)

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