Front Page News

Front Page News: My Maxing N' Relxing Dress

The "Maxing n' Relaxing" Dress

Vacation sewing became apropos when Madre Nature decided to lay the heat index smack down on my town’s candy a##. We had tropical island temps here in the Big Apple, today. Super Duper HOT! I could barely get my sister to stop and take these pictures of me, lol.

The "Maxing n' Relaxing" Dress

The Facts | On Holiday Vacation Sewing Challenge
Fabric | Stretch Jersey ITY Knit :: $5.98 for two yards
Patterns | Lydia from BurdaStyle (again) modified into a maxi tank dress.
Year | Current.
Notions | Thread.
Time to complete | Less than an hour. Those were some long seams to finish with that triple row stretch stitch, but everything else (even cutting) was dead simple as ITY knits generally lie extremely flat and behave well during sewing. There was some fiddling with the neck and armhole facings, but even that didn’t take overly long.
First worn | Sweating buckets on the WRONG day to run errands! But, it was a great choice since it doesn’t show sweat and it felt pretty cool despite being made of polyester.
Wear again? | Yes, definitely. I love a maxi dress. Both grannies, my husband, kiddies and sister (and the bread delivery guy in the grocery store near my grandma’s house) were all fans of it, as well.
Total price | $5.98, the scraps left over might make a nice headband, but the bulk of that two yards were used on the dress.

The "Maxing n' Relaxing" Dress

Overall, not much else to say about this one.

Except IT. IS. AWESOME!! And it WINS!! I soooo needed some winning this week. Tired and stressed doesn’t even begin to cover it. Sewing this dress was cathartic and the feeling of accomplishment felt while wearing it out today is priceless. Thanks to those of you who expressed condolences about the loss of my Popie, or stopped by my blog to read my reflections on him. It truly helped to feel your care and support.

The "Maxing n' Relaxing" Dress


16 thoughts on “Front Page News

    • Thanks, Oona!! We’re hanging on here in the Rotten Apple, lol. The kids and I ran through the sprinklers on the way home. We were mostly dry by the time we crossed the park and to the other side of the street to get to our building.

  1. This looks amazing. Isn’t it cool how so often a simple garment can be full of win?

    I read about your Popie, I never know what to say but my thoughts were with you. He sounded like a very interesting man.

    • Thanks, Steph!!

      I never know what to say when someone posts about a loss, either. I do spend some time thinking of that person whether I comment on their blog or not, too.

  2. I don’t know which I love more, this dress or the double layer scallop skirt. I love your style!!! I’ve never tried ITY knits, I’ve been curious about them.

    • Thank you, Kim!! I tried ITY knits after a blogger whose style I loved kept making great projects with them. They’re worth a try, you can get a good deal at

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