Sown Shorts :: The Visitor – Part I

I’ve been kicking around the idea of writing short stories for the blog. As a way to get my writer’s toes wet, again. And to, eventually, get into the habit of writing daily by the time I’m done with school in the fall. I haven’t quite given up my writing aspirations, but I’ve been doing diddly to further the goal.

I have a couple of things under the writing tab, but I’ve contributed nothing to it for a long while. I work much better when I have someone to be accountable to, so I am making myself accountable to you.

These will be quick, unedited, stories. They may be in parts. May be presented complete. Hell, you might have the chance to choose your own adventure. Whatever they will be, I promise, I will always finish them.

For the first, very humble, installment I offer you

Part – I

It’s Tuesday. Visiting day. I packed the trunk the night before. A scout is always prepared. I put on my rubber soled boots, slide my arms into my slicker and don my hat. This is my customary attire, no matter the weather. I fasten up tight and grab my trunk before setting off.

Out of the door and onto the street. I’m taking a train to the locale, today. My research has prepared me for a long ride. I retrieve my novel. I estimate I can complete three chapters of this drivel in the allotted time. Drivel helps me achieve the proper mindset. I settle into the corner, back seat of the bus and begin.

We arrive at the last stop, just me and the driver. I alight and start to the east, turning south once I come to the corner. I continue on for three blocks before it comes into view. Ah. Precisely as it is portrayed on the map. Though the interior is dark and the sign out front indicates opening time is several hours away, I approach carefully and check the door. Locked.

I unfasten my slicker and in a flash bring out my zippered kit. The door swings open within seconds. Here there is, apparently, as much concern for security as there is cleanliness. I drop into a crouch immediately upon entering in the event that my, near soundless, entry has alerted someone to my presence. A quick glance about the place confirms that I am quite alone. And that the layout is as I predicted.

I head diagonally toward the back corner. The odor confirms I’m headed in the right direction. I push open the door and am confronted with the full scope of my intended task for the first time.

To be continued….

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8 thoughts on “Sown Shorts :: The Visitor – Part I

  1. Oooooh, good on you! Love this idea. I had not done enough poking around on your site to see there were writing bits. I’ve had such trepidation about including non-sewing things on my blog, debated whether to start a separate blog, etc. Good to just make a separate tab, put your stuff out there, and go. I’m curious about your protagonist! Is he or she a thief?……..

    • Thanks, Antoinette!! I think I’ve made this a kitchen sink blog and I like it that way. I tried the separate thing (that’s how I ended up blogging under this name) but it didn’t work out.

      You will know what they’re getting up to soon! There is a hint in the story already. Two, actually.

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