I’ve been a bit of a joiner this week. I mentioned twitter, but not how I ended up finally signing up. I received an email from Nora, one of the founders of BurdaStyle. I had put myself on a mailing list to find out about her newest project. And then promptly forgot all about it, lol.

Well, the email was a reminder that she had started a new venture

I clicked over and requested an invite. While on the site I noticed they were doing a giveaway. Share a pic of something you’ve made recently via twitter or instagram and you could win prizes. I have an instagram account, but it’s clogged with Faceb**k friends from HS that I never see, so I decided to join twitter.

Just to share a pic with Kollabora.

And then I started following friends.

And tweeting pics.

And interacting with people within seconds.

In short, I was hooked LOL

It also didn’t hurt that team Kollabora chose one of my projects! I won something! I might be on a roll ;o) I was contacted by team member Lindsey, she approved my account and we emailed back and forth a bit. We talked about the BurdaStyle book, which she had worked on, and I even heard from Carol (another former BS employee). It was so nice to hear from her! I really admire people like Nora and Mena who have the ability to bring a vision to life. Nora is always so nice, and funny, and loyal to the people that she’s worked closely with. Mena has grown The Sew Weekly from a one-woman-show, to a community of users and contributors.

Kollabora is the new kid on the community block, so I would like to encourage you all to join me in adding projects. If only to help mix up the sewing page where I currently have the most projects up, lol. I didn’t realize how many things I made this year until I started adding them there.

I think my favorite thing about the site is how easy the interface is. Adding pictures is a snap! And I love the clear format. I have a real pet peeve with crowded looking, hard to use sites and blogs. There are already some familiar faces there. Can you see Oona winking at us from the top of my follow list?

If you join, don’t forget to friend me!


9 thoughts on “Kollabora

  1. !!! I’m trying to get on Kollabora, too… I only just heard about it, but sounds so exciting… Congratulations on the win. 🙂

    I really really hope this will be the new PR… The site is so hard to use….

  2. Hey @gingermakes and @stephc,

    I just activated your accounts (at least I hope it was you, I searched for the usernames you’re using here to comment).

    Let me know if it worked or not. Just reply to my comment.

    Hope you like Kollabora. We’re in the very beginning and hoping to hear your feedback, what do you like/dislike/wish for?

    Feel free to email me directly, it’s my first name @kollabora.com

    Thank you!

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