The “Hat Required” Refashion

The "Hat Required" Refashion

Clearly the Royal Wedding invite did not say “hat optional”. Why else would the princesses wear these monstrosities to the wedding?!?! This might not be a monarchy, but I know better than to piss off a Queen.

Hat it is.

The "Hat Required" Refashion

The Facts | Diamond Jubilee Royal Inspired Challenge
Fabric | A thrifted 100% Rayon dress made by K&Company.
Patterns | None. I removed the sleeves and resized the bodice. I also ran a new row of stitching over the waist seam, it was coming loose in some spots. I also made a small pleat at the shoulder to bring it in. I was glad to work on something easy after last week. That romper has FOURTEEN darts!
Year | Not sure, but there is almost no wear on this dress. It is either a recent purchase or very well taken care of.
Notions | Thread.
Time to complete | About an hour with the taking off and on to check the new armhole size and what have you.
First worn | At home as it is freezing in NYC. Again.
Wear again? | Yes, definitely. I am a fan of a long dress on a hot summer day.
Total price | $6.39 for the dress. I think that hat was a buck from Target’s dollar section a while back. You can see the dress pre-refashion here. The cameo necklace, clip-ons and the bracelet were my gran’s.

The "Hat Required" Refashion

The "Hat Required" Refashion

I must give Meg another shout out this week. Her pins have been a sewing inspiration life saver, again. She added these images to her boards a while back and I knew just what to do for this challenge once I saw them.

These pics are, perhaps, more Diana Ross than Queen Elizabeth.

The "Hat Required" Refashion

But we’ve got a hat and polka dots. That’s as close to dressing like the Queen as I would like to get.

The "Hat Required" Refashion

I left a few of the bottom buttons undone for a Royally inappropriate flash of leg ;o)

The "Hats Required" Refashion

As an Anglophile I would like to offer my congratulations to the Queen for kicking Royal A** and taking Royal names for 60 years!

You can view a few more pics here.


15 thoughts on “The “Hat Required” Refashion

  1. Love this! Such a graceful, lovely outfit! As far as I’m concerned– Diana Ross is the queen! I worked briefly on a sitcom that her daughter starred in several years back, and I’ll never forget her set visit… a white pantsuit, giant sunglasses, and a gorgeous, oversized white hat! Amazing!

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