A Good Meal With Friends

I had the pleasure of sharing a table with Chawne and Lisa on Saturday. After a morning of hustling the kids from one locale to another I was anxious for some adult conversation over a meal that I didn’t have to prepare ;o)

We dined at

I think my lack of photos from the actual dinner is a testament to the tastiness of both the food and the conversation! Those meatballs were seriously yummy and the mashed taters weren’t bad either. As for the company, it was so incredibly nice to see and talk with Chawne in person. You can learn a lot about a person from their blog but it doesn’t replace face-to-face communication. I had hung out with Lisa before way back in 2009, it seems like that time FLEW. It was so nice catching up with everything happening with her. The kids and I have a tentative puppy playdate for July.

Well, in other news, school has begun again. I’m taking electronic and continuing resources. Three big-ish assignments, medium-ish amount of reading and discussion board responding. Not too bad. The real shit storm will be the next class. A research class squished into a few weeks. It couldn’t be helped, though.

So, what’s new with you all? Any yummy food and/or convo lately?


8 thoughts on “A Good Meal With Friends

  1. OH MY GAH, I LOVE THE MEATBALL SHOP! It’s soooo good. I’m also a big fan of their ice cream sandwiches– you get to pick the homemade cookies that they use!

    Good luck with school! Hope everything goes well!

  2. Very cool! Adult conversation is pretty important, I’ve learned over the past year. 🙂 The meatballs sound pretty yummy, too. Good luck with your classes!

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