Thrifted and Worn

What I Wore :: 6.29.12

This is the same Graffiti wall from a few days ago. I thought it matched the colors in this outfit pretty well. I thrifted this cute little J. Crew skirt, brand new with tags, for $7.39. SCORE!
What I Wore :: 6.29.12
It’s a bit shorter than I usually wear, but I was out dress shopping with my oldest (she took these pics as well) so there was considerably less activity than when I travel with all four. It was boiling hot out today! I have so much to do for this party tomorrow. I am dreading all of it. I truly forgot how much I hate this kind of thing. I’m being forcibly reminded of it now.

Remember when I mentioned the other gifts I bought for Missy when the Barbie Collector site was having a sale? We gave her two dolls that she wanted. This one was my unexpected hair twin!

Me & My Twin
I hadn’t worn my hair like this in months, what were the odds that I would have it like that the day we gave her this doll??


The “Three, Three, Three Trends in One!” Ensemble

The "Three, Three, Three Trends in One!" Ensemble

Can you spot all three trends??

Pattern mixing? Check!

Cropped top?? Check!!

Bold prints??? CHECK!!!

Little ole me is all trendy!! The Sew Weekly works another miracle, lol!

The "Three, Three, Three Trends in One!" Ensemble

The Facts | On Trend Sewing Challenge
Fabric | Printed stretch cotton sateen scraps (this is the last of it, I swear!) $8 for 2 yards that I’ve used every inch of! Origami Crane print cotton $4 a yard. (Both from, of course)
Patterns | Simplicity 2693 for the top. I cut it off at the full slip line and eliminated the center back piece. I started out making Tilly’s Picnic Blanket Skirt, but went off program once I realized I didn’t want to make buttons.
Year | The slip pattern is from the 1940s.
Notions | Elastic and a metal zip (from the grandma stash). Boy, can you feel those teeth! I still need to add a button to the side.
Time to complete | 2 or 3 hours?? The tip was a bit fiddly, but really simple. And I made the skirt harder than it needed to be because, apparently, the easier something should be the harder time I have with it.
First worn | Out and about with my oldest. Running party errands (her graduation party is Saturday) and grocery shopping.
Wear again? | Yes, definitely. I felt a bit shy without my sweater on, but I really like the way it looks in pictures so I think I’ll be a bit bolder next time around.
Total price | About $5. The elastic was free, I have a TON of it that my sister gave me.

The "Three, Three, Three Trends in One!" Ensemble

I am so psyched that this top worked out!! The instructions are missing from the pattern, so I cut two of each piece, sewed the middle front seams and then sewed both pieces together and turned them right side out. If I had attached the straps differently, it would be reversible. I opted to put elastic sections as the closure because I didn’t have a short separating zipper. It requires a bit of contortion to get into, but it’s comfy once on.

The "Three, Three, Three Trends in One!" Ensemble

The "Three, Three, Three Trends in One!" Ensemble

I made that little elastic belt on Saturday. The dress I was wearing needed a little something. It slips right over, just like an elastic waist in a skirt, but the next one will open and shut like a traditional belt. The skirt was to be a Tilly skirt, as I said above, but I wasn’t feeling buttonholes and such, so I shifted gears. I wish I had made this one big piece so I could zip it up the back, rather than on the side, but it’s cool like it is.

The "Three, Three, Three Trends in One!" Ensemble

My eleven year-old took all of these pics for me! Didn’t she do a great job?!?! She wants to be a fashion designer, so I told her this is good practice ;o) She’s also an artist, so she thought this graffiti (one of MANY spots in our hood) was very cool. She chose which sections to take pics in front of.

The "Three, Three, Three Trends in One!" Ensemble

You can check out the rest of her photos here. She wants to start her own blog, but I’m so nervous about photos of her being stolen or something worse. Do any of you have child bloggers in the family? What are your thoughts either way?

Must Go :: MOMA

Thanks to fellow instagram member Ancora Imparo, I now know that there are TWO Frida Kahlo paintings on view at the MOMA!!! I can hardly wait to actually see her work in person. I took a picture of little Frida, and her crew, to celebrate. More handmade dollies live on the shelf above this one, too.

Frida & the handmade doll Gang

There is also, in case you couldn’t tell, quite an odd selection of reading material represented here, lol. I mean, The Rock Says, Bridget Jones’ Diary and Twilight in a stack with Anna Kerinina, The Best America Short Stories compiled by Salmon Rushdie and The Color Purple is sort of hysterical. Guess which of those I haven’t read yet…

My writing books all live here as well. I have more arriving tomorrow.

 And these to check out with the kiddies.

I really, really like new books ;o)

Humidity = BIGNESS

It’s hard to tell exactly how BIG my hair can get when you see it twisted up or in a bun. It can reach truly remarkable LARGENESS with the help of humidity and rain. We’ve had both in abundance here, lately.

Humidity = BIGNESS

Humidity = BIGNESS

The beast unleashed in all of its multi textured glory. The back section below my ears is very loosely curled, so it always appears longer than the rest of my hair. The middle front has almost no curl at all. The side fronts are loose like the back. And the rest shrinks and crinks and tangles. I wonder how much bigger I could get it if I picked it out????

Snap it. Share it. Prizes!!

My Shake it Like Anne romper was a winner during Kollabora‘s Snap it. Share it. contest they ran a little while back!!

Here are my prizes*!!

Snap it. Share it. Prizes!!

Colette’s Crepe dress pattern, a MASSIVE piece of this fabric from Mood and another groovy button and sticker to add to my collection (those Smarties are, of course, gone!)!! Hey, I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it here, but my husband wears the mini (hot pink) button he got when he came to the BurdaStyle book party with me on his hoodie ;o) He’s only removes it when we wash it. He’s so cute.

I cannot wait to use this fabric!! In fact, it’s already being pre washed. I see some hot pink pants produced pronto!! And I have the perfect embroidered fabric to make Crepe with!! But first, the finishing touches must be put on my Sew Weekly project. Hopefully the weather cooperates with me tomorrow and I can get some outdoor pics.

*In you were wondering, the super groovy team over at Kollabora offered me the sewing prize and I most graciously accepted it ;o)

Signs of Summer

Polish = Summertime

Graudation Mani/Pedi

A graduation mani/pedi for my big girl, courtesy of mom.

Mother/Daughter Tootsies

Couldn’t leave myself and the baby girl out.

Kid Photography = Summertime

A kid snap of me.

First warm weather kid snap of me, courtesy of my big boy.

Kid Photography

This one was taken by the little Miss.

Sprinklers = Summertime

First Sprinkler Run of the Year!!

The first run of the year is a sure sign that summer has arrived.

I’m looking forward to filling this summer with activities and crafts and fun. I’ve promised a trip to the NYC Transit Museum (for the train lover), The Natural History Museum (for the dinosaur lover), The FIT Museum (for the fashion lover) and lots of picnics and lunches out (for my dining out lover). I also want to visit the Queens Public Library Discovery Center, take a ride of the carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park, frolic around Governors Island and much more before the sun sets on summer 2012.

What are some of your  plans?