Birchbox #1

I joined the beauty subscription site Birchbox.  I had never even heard of this kind of thing until I read about it on Kendra’s Closet Confections. This is why reading lots of blogs can be dangerous.

Here’s what was in mine.

1. Birchbox #1, 2. Birchbox #1, 3. Birchbox #1, 4. Birchbox #1, 5. Birchbox #1, 6. Birchbox #1

That hand cream smells DIVINE and I’ve never had such fancy (and plumping) lip balm before, lol. I’m not much into perfume, but this one has a light enough fragrance that I might try to wear it. I’ve been curious about this hair product brand, though my hair is so thick, this sample might not provide the full experience. Speaking of hair, a woman on the street told me that mine was beautiful! That’s always nice ;o)

It’s a short week, but a busy (for me) one. We have two school meet-and-greets (my big boy has been accepted to a new school, fingers crossed for space to open up for the twins). One of them is threatening to ruin my weekend hang out date with a friend ;( but what can you do??? I’m sure we’ll have fun and it will be great to  meet some of the other parents and students, too.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!


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