What I Wore :: 5.26.12

What I Wore :: 5.26.12

Top :: Thrifted Banana Republic Button-up
Jeans :: Old Navy Skinnies
Shoes :: Target
Accessories :: Earrings from my sis. Vintage necklace and bangles from my grandma. Purse from F21.

What I Wore :: 5.26.12

What I Wore :: 5.26.12

You might be wondering why I’m all covered up on a rare hot day in NYC. Well, thanks to some manner of insect (likely spiders, I had a bad time with them when I was pregnant with my oldest but this is worse) I have many (itchy, painful) red splotches on my right forearm and the lower ankle area of BOTH legs. I am PISSED! I feel vain even being so worried about the potential scars that they will leave, but the truth is that’s what bothering me the most. Well, aside from my fear that they will keep attacking me. I’m literally losing sleep over it. Last night was okay. Wish me luck going forward.

What I Wore :: 5.26.12

ps- these shoes hurt the back of my feet like a son of a B.


11 thoughts on “What I Wore :: 5.26.12

  1. Hang in there Nettie! I know it’s challenging in this hot weather, but wear knee socks to bed, that might keep the nasties at bay. Target used to have great shoes but the last few I bought, that look like they should be comfortable, feel like razors are digging into my skin! Such a shame.

      • Ugh, we’ve been really skeeved out lately when we’re walking the dogs at night because there are SO MANY ROACHES crawling all over everyone’s trash. DISGUSTING! They seem to be more active when it’s hot out. Yuck!

  2. So, I live in Texas, in a very humid part of the state. My neighborhood is among the swampiest, it seems, when our rainfall is average to high, and there is no end to the myriad freaky bugs that appear, almost year-round. I have had some big, swollen, red bites that I also believe we’re spider bites. They seem itchy without relief, and I have to try really, really hard not to scratch so they don’t leave dark scars. I’ve heard that you can make a paste with meat tenderizer and a little water – just apply the paste onto the bites and sit still for up to 30 minutes, if you can. The idea is that the enzymes in the tenderizer break down the venom and send it more gradually into your body to be metabolized. I tried it and it seemed to soothe the bites…. Hope you’re better now. And I have the cutest flats from Target that I can’t last in for more than a few hours at a time, darnit!

    • It’s been really humid here, too. We’ve had almost no winter, so it seems that the summer will be super gross and muggy. And bug filled. I will try the meat tenderizer idea, thanks. I was miserable last week.

      About those Target shoes. I should know better as I’ve had bad luck with their shoes in the past. I love the look of them, but I will need like an industrial strength bandage to protect the back of my feet next time I wear them.

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